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Tech Meets Agriculture at #Hack4Ag in Uganda

From The World Bank

Kampala, Uganda— Cellphone usage is expanding in Sub-Saharan Africa, and paving the way for information and communication technologies (ICT) to modernize and boost productivity in the region’s agricultural sector.   Apps like Kilimo Salama, which provides farmers with updated climate data, as well as Vet Africa, which helps diagnose livestock diseases, are already […]

27 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

In FYR Macedonia, Roma youth baking up a recipe for success


An irresistible aroma of freshly baked bread spreads through Elida Markets in Kumanovo. It is early in the morning but already a long line of customers has formed at the bakery’s mouth-watering display of bread and bureks, small leek and spinach banitsas, pretzels and flaky buns.

The tireless bakers at the Elida Markets Bakery have […]

22 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

Empower Women: Fostering a new, empowered generation

From UN Women

Youth around the world work on projects to help women in their communities achieve their full potential.
Growing up in Cairo, Nora Hamdy, 21, saw domestic violence all around her. She recalls seeing men hitting their wives because they didn’t do as they were told, not allowing their wives to go to work or […]

22 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

New Rural School Building Spurs Interest in Education in Bamyan Province

From the World Bank

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A new school building with proper facilities in Bamyan Province is providing not only shelter to students but also motivation to parents to enroll their children in school.

The school was built and equipped by grants from the Second Education Quality Improvement Program, implemented by the Ministry of Education

The program, supported by […]

22 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

Youth Event Launches the Interim One Stop Youth Centre in Mogadishu

“This program held by UN-Habitat is a very unique program from which we have been able to derive, fun, happiness and many other benefits. We look forward to the many activities to be held at the Centre including vocational skills training…This is the first time that we have a Centre that is dedicated to the […]

22 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

From peace in the home to peace in the world: make education safe for all via UNRWA


The annual ’16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign’ led by UN Women concluded in December 2015, but the topic remains relevant all year round. The campaign calls upon activists, governments and United Nations partners to mobilize people and highlight issues relevant to preventing and ending violence against women and girls.

The 2015 campaign […]

18 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

Young South Sudanese actors and athletes take on violence, HIV


Adjumani, Uganda – Weeks after violence erupted in in South Sudan, Mike Marchar fled for his life. He found safe haven in the Ayilo Refugee Settlement in northern Uganda, but lost track of his family. He doesn’t know whether they are still alive. The carnage he witnessed has stayed with him.

But there is one […]

15 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

New skills and jobs for Gaza fishers

From ILO

An ILO training initiative gives a group of unemployed men from fishing families in the Gaza Strip a chance to learn new skills and increase their chances of employment in Gaza’s sea fishing sector, which is beset by severe restrictions on movement and trade.

Thirty young unemployed Palestinians from the Gaza Strip in the occupied […]

15 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

Switched On: Youth at the Heart of Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific



The Regional Coordination Mechanism – United Nations Development Group Asia-Pacific Thematic Working Group on Youth, co-chaired by ESCAP and ILO, has produced this report for three main reasons. First and foremost to raise awareness of the importance of youth-related, evidence-based and strategic participatory policymaking, planning and programming. Second, to highlight the current status, challenges […]

13 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|

World Bank: Learning to code vs. coding to learn

Check out this great story by the World Bank on about learning to code:

Learning to code vs. coding to learn

12 January 2016|News for Youth, News Stories|