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Voices of Youth feature: Child of Africa

This blog post is a collaboration between Winifred Ahupa and Ala Oueslati

Something tugs me here

In my belly

Like the strings of a banjo

Struck by hands or legs

Your might defies what

A child possesses

Your birthsong of love

Filters in, slowly at first

Like the emergence of

A baby lunar crescent

Then with a suddenness

You kick the walls of me

Sending jolts of lyrics-

That dispels […]

20 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

What we talk about when we talk about youth skills

By Dr Rachele Tardi, Light for the World Representative to the UN.

World Youth Skills Day was established last November by the United Nations and is being celebrated for the first time on July 15, 2015. It is a response to the critical need for skills to contribute to the reduction of unemployment and underemployment among […]

15 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

Global Competence Amongst Youth is Critical to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

by Dr. Bill Hunter

To succeed in today’s global workforce, youth must have a wide variety of competencies, some of which are dependent on their career path.  In addition to functional job skills, which vary from position to position, there are, however, common competencies that all young people need to develop regardless of their chosen field.  […]

14 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

UN Financing For Development Conference in Addis Ababa opens with call for ‘reboot’ of development finance

At a critical moment in what the United Nations has dubbed “a year for global action,” the Third International Conference on Financing for Development kicked off today in the Ethiopian capital with calls to ensure the necessary resources to improve people’s lives while protecting the planet.

“You have recognized that in a world in which both the […]

13 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

Voices of Youth feature: “The Climate Crisis: Why Youth Must Act”

By Will DiGravio

As I write these words, California is experiencing one of the worst and most prolonged droughts the United States has ever seen. The United Kingdom has persevered through its hottest July day ever recorded, India is recovering from the fifth worst heat wave in history, and in Australia, believe it or not, lizards are […]

10 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

In “Gimme Shelter” young refugees tell their stories on stage

World Refugee Day is observed every year on 20 June, to draw attention to the plight of the millions of people around the world forced to leave their home countries due to war, conflict and persecution.

“Excuse us for being here. Excuse us for stealing your time. Excuse us.”

Chanting in unison, the actors take the stage, […]

8 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

UN Youth Advisory Panel established in Belarus

Today, the Business-Club IMAGURU in Minsk hosted an official ceremony to appoint 13 members of the new UN Youth Advisory Panel (UN YAP) in Belarus.

The event was attended by UN resident coordinators, United Nations Development Programme Resident Coordinator, Sanaka Samarasinha, the representative of UNICEF in Belarus, Rashed Mustafa, Deputy Representative of the UN Development Programme in Belarus, […]

8 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

Voices of Youth Feature: The Emancipation

By Ala Oueslati

Religion is a source of knowledge, inspiration, hope and serenity that people hold to give them purpose, value and peace. That is not what I was taught when I was younger. That is not what is being taught where I come from.

What I was taught though, like most young people in the Middle East […]

7 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

MDGs Report launch: Lessons from Millennium Development Goals ‘springboard’ for future UN agenda

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which galvanized the world to produce the most successful anti-poverty movement in history, helped lift more than one billion people out of extreme poverty, made inroads against hunger and enabled more girls to attend school than ever before. However, despite remarkable gains, it will take more to ensure […]

6 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|

INTERVIEW: “Climate change is in everybody’s backyard” – Robert Redford

Actor and environmental activist Robert Redford paid his first visit to the United Nations Headquarters in New York this week.

The reason for his visit: to address the UN General Assembly’s High-Level Meeting on Climate Change, which aimed to energize multilateral cooperation on the issue ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris later this […]

2 July 2015|News for Youth, News Stories|