Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality, IANWGE

Workshop in 2001

The workshop held in 2001 focused broadly on experiences and lessons learned on gender mainstreaming in many different sector areas. FAO, UNFPA, ESCAP, UNCHS and OSAGI shared some of their innovative efforts to bring gender perspectives into the work of their organizations, and participants worked in small groups to discuss further and make recommendations to the Inter-Agency Meeting. The value of such professional exchange was acknowledged by the suggestion that similar workshops should be part of the regular agenda of the annual sessions.

Workshop in 2002

The Inter-Agency Meeting decided that the topic for the 2002 workshop should be training and capacity-building for gender mainstreaming. All entities working with gender mainstreaming have identified competence development training and different forms of capacity-building as essential for successful implementation of the strategy. Different approaches, methodologies and tools have been utilized. A great deal of experience has been gained on what works and in what contexts. Innovative approaches and methods are being developed. Sharing of these experiences, lessons learned and good practices is important to ensure that the most effective means of competence development are being utilized across the United Nations system to promote greater implementation of gender mainstreaming. The Inter-Agency Network has previously had one important initiative on training, the inventory on training materials.

For a summary of the proceedings and findings of the workshop see the Annual Report of the 2002 Session of the IANWGE

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