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International Women's Day Seminar
UNIC, Tripoli

To commemorate the IWD a seminar was held at the Al-Fateh Univeristy today i.e 8th of March 2004 under the title "The Libyan Women; her past present and future", organized by the Teachers Association of the University, in coordination with UNIC and UN Resident Coordinator's office at university Auditorium. Detailed report of the program is as follows:

Chairman of the Teaching Staff Association delivered welcome lecture and gave a brief account of state of affair's of women in Libya, suggested some points for further improvement of women's condition and praised the UN activities relating to women. Chairman of the People's Committee of Al-Fateh University addressed the gathering, outlining the importance of the Day. The UN Resident Coordinator read out the Message of the SG for the IW Day and gave an account of UN activities on women and emphasized on the gender issue and highlighted the AHDR. He also stressed on four points in respect towards development of women's affairs on national level, identified by UNIFEM mission to Libya which included, preparing/compiling statistics on gender issue, women entrepreneurs training, legal framework on women ( which already exits in the country), and Link between HIV and Women. He extended the most possible cooperation from UN in this field.

UNIC organized distribution of Information material prepared specially for this occasion. SG's message in Arabic, for this occasion was widely distributed among participants and audience. Books, pamphlets and info. material received from the DPI were also distributed. Posters on Women and UN in general, were displayed in the auditorium. After the tea break, presentation and discussions continued.

Resident Coordinator also gave an interview to the journalists on this occasion.

Around 100 persons attended the program, consisting of the Academics, Media, journalist etc.

With best regards.
UNIC, Tripoli

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