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Women2000 and Beyond: Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women through ICT
English | French | Spanish  ] (September 2005)

Women2000 and Beyond: Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women through ICT “The so-called digital divide is actually several gaps in one. There is a technological divide—great gaps in infrastructure. There is a content divide. A lot of web-based information is simply not relevant to the real needs of people. And nearly 70 per cent of the world’s websites are in English, at times crowding out local voices and views. There is a gender divide, with women and girls enjoying less access to information technology than men and boys. This can be true of rich and poor countries alike”. United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan Statement to the World Summit on the Information Society, Geneva, 10 December 2003

ws.jpg (2910 bytes)Women2000 and Beyond: Women and Water
English | French | Spanish  ] (February 2005)

This issue of "Women2000 and beyond" on women and water discusses gender perspectives of a growing water crisis and the evolution of the international policy on water. It stresses the importance of integrating gender perspectives in water resource management and warns of dangers of leaving women out of water project design. It analyzes challenges to implementing a gender approach to water projects and looks at water resource management in the context of complex livelihoods. Gender specific impacts of environmental degradation, water pollution are given. In addition to providing a list of useful resources on gender and water, the issue draws conclusions and provides some policy recommendations.

Image of Women2000 and beyond issue on Natural Disasters Women2000 and Beyond: "Making Risky Environments Safer: Women Building Sustainable and Disaster-Resilient Environments" [  ] (April 2004)

(Also available in French and Spanish)

The current issue of "Women2000 and beyond" addresses gender issues in disaster reduction and sustainable development. It gives a gender analysis of the increasing risks and the rising toll of disasters; discusses the notions of risk and physical and social vulnerability. Early warnings and risk reducing approaches that enhance women’s disaster resilience are discussed. Other issues include gender roles that put women in hazardous positions and gender-specific impacts of degraded environments and natural disasters. The issue draws important links between women’s empowerment and sustainable development and disaster reduction.

ws.jpg (2910 bytes) Women2000 and Beyond: Women, nationality and citizenship ] (June 2003)

(Also available in French and Spanish)

This issue of "Women2000 and beyond" discusses discrimination against women in nationality laws by examining laws that differentiate between women and men in the acquisition and retention of nationality, as well as in relation to the nationality of their children. It talks about how international law is used to address discrimination in nationality laws and surveys national and international case law on discrimination in nationality laws, taking into consideration how human rights norms relating to freedom of movement, freedom of information, family rights and other rights have been increasingly applied. Approaches adopted by States to avoid gender-based discrimination are analyzed and measures are recommended for States and non-governmental organizations to ensure compliance with human rights standards in the context of nationality.
ws.jpg (2910 bytes) Women2000: Gender Dimensions of Ageing ] (March 2002)

(Also available in French and Spanish)

This issue of Women2000 looks at the gender dimensions of ageing. It highlights the inequalities faced by older women as a result of their gender-based roles in society, as well as the important role older women play at the family and community level and possible measures to strengthen their positive contribution. A brief description of the steps taken by the international community in the last two decades in order to address the situation of older women is also included.

ws.jpg (2910 bytes)
Women2000: Widowhood: invisible women, secluded or excluded ] (December 2001)

This issue of Women2000 focuses on the subject of widowhood, providing an overview of the situation of widows across the globe, particularly in parts of the developing world where the problem is more acute. It examines the problems faced by widows including poverty, armed conflict, lack of education and training, health, violence, and exclusion from the economy. The conclusion provides some suggestions on how to protect women and publicise one of the most hidden and veiled areas of violation of women’s human rights.

Women2000: Sexual Violence and Armed Conflict: United Nations Response
(April 1998).
This issue examines steps taken by the UN to address the situation of women subjected to sexual violence during armed conflict since the Second World War. Part I discusses the failure of the international community to address the issue of wartime sexual violence during the early years of the UN; Part II examines the manner in which sexual violence during armed conflict emerged as an item of serious concern within the UN. The concluding session examines how the issue may be advanced in the next century.

Women2000: Women and decision-making (1997)
At the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing 1995), the global community stressed the importance of women assuming positions of power and influence, not only because their points of views and talents are needed, but also as a matter of their human rights. This issue of Women 2000 explores the question of women's role in decision-making.

Women2000: Women and the Information Revolution (1996)
At the Fourth World Conference on Women one of the most striking features was the use of the information superhighway to spread the word about the Conference and the NGO Forum well beyond the boundaries of previous global conferences. This issue of the the DAW newsletter Women 2000 examines the growth in computer networking and the experience of women in using these new technologies.

Women2000: Women in development (1992)
Women2000: Women in public life (1992)

Women2000: Progress on women and the United Nations System of Organizations (1998)

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