The following three Commissions/Divisions participated at the panel:





Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

H.E. Mr. Javier Paulinich, Vice-Chairperson

Centre for International Crime Prevention (CICP)

Mr. Eduardo Vetere, Director

For a number of years, the Commission has paid attention to women’s vulnerability in conjunction with crime prevention, violence against women and trafficking.

Opportunities for increased gender mainstreaming across areas of work of the Commission could be highlighted.

United Nations Forum for Forests

Mr. Gustavo Eduardo Ainchill, Vice-Chairperson

Secretariat of UNFF

Mr. Jagmohan Maini, Coordinator and Head

Forestry is a new area of intergovernmental work, where the potential for the integration of gender perspectives remains to be developed.

The UNFF was established as a subsidiary body of the Council in year 2000 and has only met 2 times (in 2001 and 2002).

The Panel could be an excellent opportunity, at this early stage, to obtain ideas for future activities and to learn from experiences gained by other Commissions

Commission on Social Development

H.E. Mr. Iftekhar A. Chowdhury, Chairperson

Division for Social Policy and Development

Mr. Johan Schölvinck, Director

Social development is suggested as an area where sustained attention is being given to gender issues

Future themes of the Commission within its multi-year programme of work are highly relevant from a gender perspective