Capacity building of National machineries for Gender equality in African countries

Held on 16-18 April 2001 in collaboration with and hosted by ECA the meeting ing aimed to (a) review the needs assessment report; (b) formally set up the regional task force and devise its terms of reference; (c) devise and agree upon an implementation schedule and monitoring mechanisms; (d) produce guidelines on implementation methodologies and monitoring indicators in the system. A total of 29 participants represented (a) national machineries from Ghana, Ethiopia, Yemen, the Republic of Guinea, South Africa, Namibia, Jamaica, Cameroon, the Philippines; (b) SADEC, ECA, ESCWA; (c) UNIFEM and UNFPA; and (d) DPEPA and DAW. This activity achieved all expected outputs including selection criteria for pilot countries; terms of reference of regional task force and the implementation and monitoring guidelines. DAW and DPEPA are currently planning the implementation of the next project component aiming to train national machineries in strategic planning and budgeting.