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Women & Health Online Dialogue

Expert Group Meeting
Women and Health

the Gender Perspective into the Health Sector

Tunis (Tunisia)
28 September to 2 October 1998


Dr. Yut Lin Wong

Senior Lecturer, Health Research Development Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya,

Kuala Lumpur; focus on gender-sensitive health care services; co-founder of All Women's Action Movement, involved in the successful lobbying of the Rape Laws (Reforms) 1989, The Domestic Violence Act 1994, and for implementation of one-stop centers in public hospitals; chair of the Women's Development Committee of the Federation of Family Planning Associations; active member of the Asian Pacific Resource & Research Centre for Women (ARROW); currently participating in a multi-country research on women's access to gender-sensitive health services in the Asia-Pacific.

Paper:  Integrating the gender perspective in medical and health education and research

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