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   Working papers by DAW

Major trends in implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action
Prepared by the Division for the Advancement of Women

Engaging in globalization: Implications for gender relations
Prepared by the Division for the Advancement of Women

   Papers by experts

Critical imperatives facing women affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic
Prepared by Madhu Bala Nath

Institutional mechanisms and global governance
Prepared by Nuket Kardam

Women and the global economy
Prepared by Lin Lean Lim

Conflict resolution, reconstruction and transformation of war torn societies
Prepared by Colleeen Lowe Morna

Women , development and human rights
Prepared by Nadia Hijab

Human security, gender equality and poverty
Prepared by Maria Elena Valenzuela

Some emerging gender issues in the Arab region
Prepared by Riad Tabbarah

 Backgroud papers

Principles and strategies for integrating gender equity in science and technology policies: A debate in progress
Prepared by Gloria Bonder

Some elements to interpret the presence of males in processes of reproductive health
Prepared by Juan Guillermo Figueroa Perea

Gender issues and male identity in conflict situation
Prepared by Hassan Abdi Keynan

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