Commission on the Status of Women, Forty-fifth Session

Panel I: Women, the girl child and human immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS)
8 March 2001, 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.



Dr. Mabel Bianco (Argentina)

Medical Doctor, specialist in Epidemiology; Director of the Unidad Ejecutoria de la UCE (HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Executive Coordination Unit), Ministry of Health and executive coordinator of the project LUSIDA(lucha contra el SIDA) of the Ministry of Health and of the World Bank on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases; president of Fundacion Pare Estudio e Investigacion de la Mujer (Foundation for Studies and Research on Women).

Dr. Sharifah Shahabudin (Malaysia)

Professor of Medical Education; Director of the Centre of Academic Development; Founder Deputy President of the Malaysian AIDS Council; Co-chairperson and Rapporteur General at the 1999 fifth International Conference on AIDS in Asia-Pacific; Deputy President of the National Council of Women’s Organization (NCWO) since 1991; member of the National Council for the Integration of Women in Development (NACIWID).

Mr. Elhadj Sy (Senegal)

UNAIDS Representative in New York. Mr. Sy has worked with organizations dealing with AIDS in Senegal since 1988, as Director of Health and HIV/AIDS Programmes, Trainer and Planner on HIV and development, and Director of European Union AIDS Projects with Enda Tiers Monde.

Dr. Sheila Dinotshe Tlou (Botswana)

Associate Professor, Department of Nursing Education, Faculty of Education, University of Botswana; founding president of SWAABO (Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Botswana chapter); specialized in gender, health and HIV/IADS (childbearing women, children, elderly), menopause and ageing; works currently on a research project on the girl child, older women and HIV/AIDS; consultancy for the International Council of Nurses, USAID, the Harvard AIDS Institute, NORAD and the International Centre for Research on Women.