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UN System Information and Activities

DAW - Division for the Advancement of Women
  • Beijing +5 website
    DAW acts as Secretariat for the Special Session. The Beijing +5 site includes:
    • all official documents for Beijing +5
    • meetings
    • update on preparations for Beijing +5
    • participation guidelines for NGOs

ILO - International Labour Organization
  • ILO and Beijing +5
    Includes ILO's Symposium on Decent Work for Women, ILO publications, workshops, and contributions to Beijing +5.

INSTRAW - International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women
  • The Gender Awareness Information and Networking System (GAINS) will be launched at the Special Session.
    The launching of GAINS will feature a demonstration of the prototype GAINS website along with an introduction to the services and components to be offered.

  • INSTRAW will also launch two publications:
    • Engendering the Political Agenda: the role of the United Nations, Women's Organizations and National Governments
    • Temporary Labour Migration of Women: case studies of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka".

    Both publications provide important insights to the process of reviewing the implementation of the Platform for Action and identify steps to be taken to further the goals of the Beijing Conference.

Regional Commissions of the UN (ESCAP, ECA, ESCWA, ECE, ECLAC)

UNDP Gender in Development Programme
  • Beijing +5 website
    Provides information about UNDP's participation in the Review at global, regional and national levels.

UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund UNICEF
  • UNICEF and Beijing +5
    Provides information on UNICEF's progress in implementation of the 12 critical areas. Includes UNICEF's key themes for Beijing +5, preparations for the PrepCom and the Special Sesson, and a list of UNICEF events.

  • Voices of Youth: Beijing+5 - Discuss Gender Inequality
    UNICEF's Voices of Youth and the Working Group on Girls invites young people to talk about ways that gender inequality and discrimination affect their lives, and what changes they have seen over the past several years - for better or worse.

UNIFEM: UN Development Fund for Women
WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization

World Bank

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