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Calendar of Events

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May 2008

Género, pobreza y empleo

Online Training Course (in Spanish)
5 May- 7 November 2008
ITC/ILO International Training Centre, Turin, Italy

Host / Sponsor: ITC/ILO

El género sigue siendo una línea divisoria, un factor clave de la vulnerabilidad a la pobreza y el menoscabo social en casi todas partes. En efecto, existe una proporcionalidad directa entre pobreza, niveles y patrones de ocupación y las desigualdades que subsisten en la sociedad. El género es una variable determinante para acceder a un empleo e incide en las retribuciones, las condiciones del trabajo, los beneficios y la seguridad laboral.  Una de las premisas del trabajo decente es la eliminación de las distinciones y desigualdades en razón del género, tanto en el hogar, como en la comunidad, la economía y la política. Así, se plantea la necesidad de investigar en qué medida subsisten tales diferencias en lo económico-socio-político y ambiental respecto de las oportunidades para hombres y mujeres.

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Training of gender audit facilitators

Training Course
12 - 16 May 2008
ITC/ILO International Training Centre, Turin, Italy

Host / Sponsor: ITC/ILO

The ILO Participatory Gender Audit Methodology is a particularly proactive method, based on a participatory and learning approach at the individual, work unit and organizational level. The word "audit" has been normally understood to be "an accounting exercise" where an external expert evaluates a work unit and submits conclusions and recommendations to the management.

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International Day of Families 2008:
"Fathers and Families: Responsibilities and Challenges"

15 May 2008

Host / Sponsor: United Nations

The International Day of Families is 15 May every year. Proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 47/237 of 20 September 1993, this annual observance reflects the importance the international community attaches to families around the world. The theme for 2008 is "Fathers and Families: Responsibilities and Challenges".

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Expert Group Meeting on good practices in legislation on violence against women

26 - 28 May 2008
Vienna, Austria

Host / Sponsor: DAW, UNODC

The main objectives of the meeting are to:
  • Analyze different approaches in the law for addressing all forms of violence against women, with particular attention to experiences in different legal systems, and the scope of such legislation;
  • Assess lessons learned in the implementation of legislation on violence against women, with particular attention to effectiveness of legislation, legislative reforms over time, the reasons for such reforms, and methodologies for evaluating the effectiveness of legislative frameworks;
  • Identify good practices in the law and recommended standards for legislation on violence against women, with particular attention to different forms of violence against women
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Wilton Park Conference Women Targeted or Affected by Armed Conflict: What Role for Military Peacekeepers?

2730 May 2008
Wiston House, South Downs, England

Host / Sponsor: The conference is organized in cooperation with the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), New York, in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and Department of Field Support (DFS), on behalf of the United Nations Action against Sexual Violence in Conflict, New York and with support from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ottawa and The Global Conflict Prevention Pool UN strategy, a joint UK Government approach to reducing conflict.

Contemporary armed conflicts raise new challenges for the effective protection of civilians. Not only are civilians often the primary targets of armed conflict, but in some cases, large-scale abuses of international humanitarian and human rights law persist even after the formal cessation of hostilities. This is particularly the case with the use of sexual violence and other forms of violent intimidation against women, employed as a means of prosecuting warfare and perpetuating profound insecurity beyond the formal end of conflict. How can the political and tactical response be strengthened? How can the security sector, including international peacekeepers, best address these challenges? How can international commitment to protecting women and children from systematic and widespread violence in contemporary conflicts be built among policy makers from all UN Member States?

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