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A multimedia journey through South Sudan

Photo of the Week

South Sudan has been caught in the grip of a crisis defined by horrendous violence, massive displacement and now the threat of terrible famine. Since December, one in seven South Sudanese have been displaced, and 50,000 children are at risk of dying from acute malnutrition by the end of the year. In this multimedia presentation, UN OCHA looks closer at one of the worst humanitarian emergencies to date. UN OCHA, 2014

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New Websites and Online Video
Photo of the Week

Students working in a public university's laboratory, Malaysia. Photo: World Bank/Nafise Motlaq

Documents and Publications
Hidden in Plain SightHidden in Plain Sight: A statistical analysis of violence against children
The document which ECLAC presents on this occasion explores further the theme of equality addressed at the two previous sessions of the Commission, in Time for Equality: Closing Gaps, Opening Trails (2010, Brasilia), and Structural Change for Equality: An Integrated Approach to Development (2012, San Salvador). Read more »
UNICEF, 2014

2014 MDG ReportMillennium Development Goals Report 2014
The MDG report is based on comprehensive official statistics and provides the most up-to-date summary of all Goals and their targets at global and regional levels, with additional national statistics available online. Results show that concentrated efforts to achieve MDG targets by national governments, the international community, civil society and the private sector are working to lift people out of extreme poverty and improve their futures. Read more »
UN, 2014

Compacts for EqualityCompacts for Equality: Towards a Sustainable Future
The document which ECLAC presents on this occasion explores further the theme of equality addressed at the two previous sessions of the Commission, in Time for Equality: Closing Gaps, Opening Trails (2010, Brasilia), and Structural Change for Equality: An Integrated Approach to Development (2012, San Salvador). Read more »
ECLAC, 2014

State of World Population 2013State of World Population 2013: Motherhood in Childhood
Every day in developing countries, 20,000 girls below age 18 give birth. Nine in 10 of these births occur within marriage or a union. This has consequences on the health, education, employment and rights of an untold millions of girls. What are the challenges of adolescent pregnancy, and what can we do to ensure girls have a healthy and safe transition into adulthood? Read more »
UNFPA, 2013

Report of the Secretary-General on women and peace and security
The new report of the UN Secretary-General (S/2013/525) provides an overview of progress since last year in implementing resolution 1325 across four action areas: prevention, participation, protection and peacebuilding and recovery. It also proposes actions for the Council’s consideration to accelerate progress and to prepare for the 2015 high-level review of the implementation of resolution 1325. Read more »

United Nations,

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News and Highlights
In Liberia, mobile banking to help Ebola-affected women traders
Hard-hit by closed markets and travel restrictions, some 2,500 women cross-border traders will receive cash transfers via mobile technology from the Central Bank of Liberia with a grant from UN Women to help them save and expand their businesses.
UN Women, 14 November 2014
UN welcomes Malaysia's court ruling to decriminalizes transgender women
The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) today welcomed the recent judgment by the Court of Appeal of Malaysia that declared unconstitutional the criminalization of Muslim transgender women for cross-dressing.
UN News, OHCHR, 14 November 2014
UN mission continues investigation into alleged mass rape in North Darfur town
Allegations of the mass rape of 200 women and girls in a town in North Darfur continue raise concerns in the war-torn Sudanese region as the African Union-United Nations hybrid mission there presses ahead with its efforts "to shed further light" on the reports.
UN News, 14 November 2014
Family farming in Africa: lessons in closing the gender gap
Closing the gender gap is not only the right thing to do; it is the smart thing to do for improved agriculture and food security for all. This was a key message among several discussed at the recent High Level Side Event on "Family farming interventions to close the gender gap: lessons from Africa".
FAO, 13 November 2014
Bollywood icon appointed as first-ever male UN Women Goodwill Ambassador
The United Nations body focused on gender equality and women's empowerment today announced that it has appointed its first male Goodwill Ambassador ever – Bollywood superstar, Farhan Akhtar – who will focus his efforts on South Asia.
UN News, UN Women, 13 November 2014
Afghanistan: UN expert calls for sustainable measures to address violence against women
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, has called on the Government of Afghanistan and the international community to adopt sustainable measures to address the causes and consequences of gender-based violence in the country.
UN, 13 November 2014
Nearly 30% of Young Latin American Women Have Been Teenage Mothers
Nearly 30 % of young women in Latin America become mothers before 20 years of age and the majority of them are socioeconomically underprivileged, which fosters the intergenerational reproduction of poverty, hinders women's autonomy and their life projects, and underscores the need for sex education and reproductive health services to be made a public policy priority, according to a new report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).
ECLAC, 13 November 2014
Experts and Authorities Propose Policies for Family Farming to Reflect Rural Reality
A new generation of policies is needed to continue strengthening family farming in the region and respond to rural reality, particularly the situation of women and young people. Such policies must include the farming population, according to authorities, experts and other representatives who participated in an event that opened today at the headquarters of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), in Santiago, Chile.
ECLAC, 4 November 2014
A Special Report - Ending Statelessness within 10 years
UNHCR has launched a global "I Belong" campaign aimed at ending within 10 years the problem of statelessness – a devastating legal limbo for the millions of people worldwide who lack any nationality and the human rights protections that go with it. At present, twenty-seven countries still prevent women from passing on their nationality to children on an equal basis as men.
UNHCR, 4 November 2014
Promoting women's economic empowerment: what works?
A review of rigorous evaluations of interventions that seek to empower women economically shows that the same class of interventions has significantly different outcomes depending on the client. Capital alone, as a small cash loan or grant, is not sufficient to grow women-owned subsistence-level firms.
World Bank, 4 November 2014
World Inheritance law reform, empowerment, and human capital accumulation: second-generation effects from India
This paper uses evidence from three Indian states, one of which amended inheritance legislation in 1994, to assess first- and second-generation effects of inheritance reform using a triple-difference strategy. Second-generation effects on education, time use, and health are larger and more significant than first-generation effects even controlling for mothers' endowments.
World Bank, 4 November 2014
World Investment Forum - Session on Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality: The Role of TNCs
This event is a moderated dialogue on the ways in which TNCs and foreign investment can play a role in supporting women's empowerment and gender equality in emerging and developing countries.
UNCTAD, 3 October 2014
UN Women Representative appointed Minister of Equality in Sweden
UN Women's Representative in Bolivia, Åsa Regnér, has been appointed as Sweden's new Minister for Children, Elderly and Equality, newly elected Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced yesterday.
UN Women, 3 October 2014
UNESCO eAtlas of Teachers
Universal primary education (UPE) will remain a distant dream for millions of children living in countries without enough teachers in classrooms. Current discussions of the post-2015 development agenda include a target to bolster the supply and training of teachers as part of efforts to ensure that every child is in school and learning.
UNESCO, 3 October 2014
Infographic: Overheard at the UN General Assembly
Select quotes on gender equality from the UN General Assembly, 69th Session
UN Women, 2 October 2014
Vigilant UNHCR staff reunite long-separated mother and daughters in Tanzania
Eleven years ago, newly widowed Congolese refugee Sifa Risasi put her two young daughters in the care of a neighbour and ran away from a camp in Tanzania after hearing that her in-laws wanted to marry her off to her husband's brother. Earlier this year, thanks to eagle-eyed UNHCR staff conducting a refugee verification exercise in Tanzania's Nyarugusu camp, she was finally reunited with her girls in an emotionally-charged and sensitive meeting organized by UNHCR and the International Rescue Committee, unaware that they had been living in the same camp for five years.
UNHCR, 2 October 2014

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