Archived Video - United Nations Climate Change Conference

Joint High-level segment of COP 12 and COP/MOP 2

Statements by observer organizations




Friday, 17 November 2006
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
video [English] [Original language] 1 hour 34 minutes





Intergovernmental organizations


Mr. Didier Coulomb
Director of the International Institute of Refrigeration

video [English] 5 minutes

statement Text - [English] [French]


Mr. Mohammed Barkindo
Acting Secretary General, Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

video [English] 7 minutes



Non-governmental organizations


Mr. Suresh Patel
Saroc Limited, International Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the business and industry organizations

video [English] 5 minutes


Ms. Louise Comeau
SAGE Centre on behalf of environmental groups

video [English] 4 minutes


Mr. Andrew Kailembo
General Secretary of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions African Region on behalf of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

video [English] 7 minutes


Ms. Nicky Gavron
Deputy Mayor of London on behalf of the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities

video [English] 6 minutes


Mr. Moustapha Kamal Gueye
International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development, on behalf the research and independent non-governmental organizations

video [English] 6 minutes


Ms. Grace Akumu
Climate Network Action on behalf of the local non-governmental organizations

video [English] 10 minutes


Ms. Annabelle Waititu
LIFE e.V., on behalf of the women’s caucus present at COP 12 and COP/MOP 2 gender perspectives on climate change

video [English] 3 minutes


Ms. Anna Leinte
International Alliance of Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples organizations

video [English] 4 minutes


Mr George Kehler
Dow Chemicals on behalf of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

video [English] 6 minutes


Ms. Sharon Looremetta
Practical Action on behalf of CAN International

video [English] 6 minutes


Mr. Jesse Mugambi from the University of Nairobi
on behalf of the World Council of Churches

video [English] 8 minutes


Mr. Harshini de Silva from Sri Lanka of Climate Network Africa, Ms. Margareth Koli from Kenya of Greenpeace International and Ms. Nathalie Arsenault from Canada of Climate Action Network Canada on behalf of the youth organizations

video [English] 6 minutes




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