Mr. President,

Norway has voted in favour of the present draft resolution on Iraq.

This resolution is the result of ,a long and intense period of negotiations and deliberations. Great efforts have been made to make sure that it takes into due account all concerns of the international community in stating very clearly and precisely what is required of Iraq.

Bearing in.mind our overall objective of disarming Iraq of weapons of mass destruction,
· we afford Iraq with a final opportunity to comply with its disarmament obligations,
· we enhance the system of inspections in such a way as to make them more credible and effective,
· and finally, Mr. President, we commit ourselves to using the United Nations Security Council to resolve a serious crisis and thus signal our determination to uphold the authority of the organisation and respect for international law.

Norway wants the conflict with Iraq to be resolved peacefully. This resolution sets out very clearly that the Iraqi authorities have a choice. In case of Iraqi noncompliance, the resolution sets out a procedure where the Security Council will convene immediately in order to secure international peace and security. We hope Iraq will choose to fully cooperate with the United Nations.

Thank you, Mr. President