High-level Political Conference for the Purpose of Signing

the United Nations Convention against Corruption


(Merida - Mexico, 9-11 December 2003)


Agenda - Item 3


Legislative measures to implement the United

Nations Convention against Corruption


Mr. Chairman, Excellencies, distinguished delegates,


Portugal entirely associates itself with the statement presented here by the illustrious representative of the Italian Government on behalf of the European Union.


Let me thank and congratulate the Mexican Government for its readiness to host this

In this context, I would like to inform this Assembly that the Portuguese legislation approved in the years past already covers all or most of the areas dealt with by the Convention.


I am, therefore, quite confident that we will not run into difficulties on the ratification of the Convention, which will certainly be forthcoming.


Mr. Chairman,


Portugal would like to join its voice to the appeals for the urgent ratification of this Convention, as well as of the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its Protocols and of the twelve international instruments concerned with the fight against terrorism which we deem paramount.


They form undoubtedly an integrated and coherent normative framework for the fight

Allow me, Mr. Chairman, to express my sincere hope that this Conference will further the entry into force, in the very near future, of the Convention we have signed today.


Let us make deeds and not only words.


Two weeks before Christmas, when so many of us think of the best gifts to offer to our dear ones, what better Christmas gift could we think of to offer to our children and to the millions and millions of destitute around the world than the signature of this Convention and its translation into actual deeds?


It is a great honor to be able to sign this Convention and play our modest but significant part to foster a better future, but it will be our greater honor to tie our names and

Governments to the effective enablement of its provisions.


May you have a Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous New Year.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman and distinguished delegates, for your attention.