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High Level Political Conference for the signature of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption


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Conference Statements and Video

Press Conference by Ms. Patricia Olamendi, Deputy Secretary for Global Affairs and Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico and Mr. Antonio Maria Costa, Executive Director, UN Office on Drugs and Crime
11 December
Press Briefing- with Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, Ex-Procuador de Justicia, Trinidad & Tobago; Eva Joyce, Asesora Especial Noruega; Daniel Kauffman, Banco Mundial and Tim Wall, United Nations Department of Public Information
10 December
Press briefing – Mr. Hans Corell, Representative of the U.N Secretary-General/Chief, Legal Counsel, United Nations Hqtrs.
Part 1
Part 2
09 December
Statement to the media by the Representative of the UN Secretary-General to the Merida Signing Conference
-English text
-Spanish text
09 December 2003
  Scene Setter of Merida and the Conference Centre with 2 minute sound byte with Dimitri Vlassis, Secretary of the Conference (20 minutes)
08 December 2003
 Press Conference by Mr. Eduardo Vetere, Director, Division for Treaty Affairs, United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC, Vienna); Mr. Dimitri Vlassis, Secretary of the Conference, Ernesto Cespedes, Relaciones Exteriores, and Tim Wall, UN Department of Public Information, to brief journalists on the upcoming Convention Against Corruption, which will officially open tomorrow, 9 December 2003   (30 minutes)
08 December 2003



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