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High Level Political Conference for the signature of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption


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11 December 2003 am

Dominican Republic, Director Mr. Jesús Miguel Faustino Collado Taveras
Chile, Minister of Justice Mr. Luis Bates Hidalgo
Benin, Minister of Justice Ms. Dorothée Sossa
Cameroon, Minister of Justice Mr. Ali Amadou
Austria, Ambassador to the UN Mr. Thomas Stelzer
Syrian Arab Republic, Dean Faculty of Law Mr. Abboud Al-Sarraj
Poland, Ambassador to Mexico Mr. Gabriel Beszlej
Ecuador, President of Anti-Corruption Commission Mr. Ramiro Larrea Santos
Ukraine, Minister of Justice Mr. Oleksandr Lavrynovych
Mali, Minister of Justice Mr. Abdoulaye Garba Tapo
Portugal, Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Joao Luis dos Reis Mota Campos
Brunei Darussalam, Ambassador to the UN Mr. Penigran Anak Dato Puteh
United Association of Inspectors-General, President Mr. Paul Balukas
Laos, Ambassador to the UN Mr. Alounkeo Kittkhoun
Gabon, Minister of State Control Mr. Martin Mabala
Trinidad and Tobago, Ambassador to the UN Mr. Philip Sealy
Czech Republic, Ambassador to Mexico Ms. Vera Zemanova
Haiti, Minister of Justice Mr. Calixte Delatour
French (PDF format)
Zambia, Lt. Gral. Ronnie Shikapwasha
Yemen, Deputy Minister of Finance Mr. Ahmed Obaid Al-Fadli
Arabic (PDF format)
Cote d'Ivoire, Secretary-General Comite Interministerial de Lutte Anti-Drogue Mr. Fiacre Kili Fagnidi
French (PDF format)
Israel, Ambassador to Mexico Mr. David Dadonn
Comoros, Ambassador to Belgium Mr. Sultan Chouzour
AALCO, Deputy Secretary-General Ali Rexa Deihim
Asian Development Bank, Representative Ms. Patricia Moser
International Chamber of Commerce, Vice-Chairman, Commission on Corruption Mr. Fritz Heimann
Transparency International, President Mr. Peter Eigen

11 December 2003 pm

Greece, Ambassador to Mexico Mr. Dionyssios Kodelas
Barbados , Chairman and Chief Regional Negotiator, CARICOM Drafting Committee Mr. Louis Tull


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