MORNING SESSION of Wednesday,  6 June 2001-
[in English]
View Opening statement by the Secretary-General of the United Nations - English
Mr. Kofi Annan
View Chairman of the Commission on Human Settlements  - English
H .E. Mr. German GARCIA-DURAN, Permanent represenntative of Colombia to UNHCS
View President of the twenty-fifth Special Session of the General Assembly - English
H. E. Mr. Harri HOLKERI
View Belarus - English | Russian [in PDF]
H. E. Mr. Gennady NOVITSKY, Deputy Prime Minister
View Jordan - Arabic [in PDF]
H. E. Mr. Husni ABU-GHEIDA, Minister of Public Work & Housing
View Mexico - English
H. E. Ms. Josefina VAZQUEZ MOTA, Minister of Social Development
View South Africa - English
H. E. Ms. Sankie MTHEMBI-MAHANYELE, Minister of Housing
View Sweden - English
H. E. Mr. Lars-Erik LÖVDÉN, Minister of Housing
View Trinidad and Tobago - English
H. E. Mr. Sadiq BAKSH, Minister of Housing & Settlements
View Republic of Korea - English
H. E. Mr. Jang-Seop OH, Minister of Construction & Transportation
View Cyprus - English
H. E. Mr. Christodoulos CHRISTODOULOY, Minister of Interior
View Venezuela - Spanish
H. E. Mr. Ismael HURTADO SOUCRE, Minister of Infrastructure
View Gabon - French
H. E. Mr. Jacques ADIAHENOT, Minister of Habitat, Town Planning & Land Registration
View Armenia - Russian [in PDF]
H. E. Mr. Hovik ABRAHAMYAN, Minister of Territorial Administration
View Finland - English
H. E. Mr. Kimmo SASI, Minister of Foreign Trade
View Uruguay - English | Spanish
H. E. Mr. Ricardo GOROSITO, Vice-Minister of Housing, Environment & Land Management
View Cuba - Spanish
H. E. Mr. Rafael SOLER DESCHAPELL, Vice-Minister of Construction
View United Arab Emirates - Arabic [in PDF]
H. E. Mr. Rakad Bin Salem Al-Rakad, Minister of Public Works and Housing
View San Marino - English
H. E. Mr. Gian Nicola Filippi BALESTRA, Chairman of the delegation
View Japan - English
H. E. Mr. Hiroo KINOSHITA, Chairman of the delegation
View Lithuania - English
H. E. Mr. Gediminas ŠERKŠNYS, Chairman of the delegation
View Costa Rica - Spanish
H. E. Mr. Bernd NIEHAUS, Chairman of the delegation
View Burundi - French
H. E. Mr. Marc NTETURUYE, Chairman of the delegation
View Honduras
H. E. Mr. Ángel Edmundo ORELLANA MERCADO, Chairman of the delegation
View Algeria - French
H. E. Mr. Abdallah BAALI, Chairman of the delegation
View Tajikistan - Russian
H. E. Mr. Rashid ALIMOV, Chariman of the delegation
View Palestine - Arabic [in PDF] | English
H. E. Mr. Nasser AL-KIDWA, Chairman of the delegation



[in English]


View Luxembourg - French
H. E. Mr. Fernand BODEN, Minister of Middle Classes, Tourism & Housing
View Barbados - English
H. E. The Honorable Mr. Gline CLARKS, Minister of Housing and Lands
View Swaziland - English
H. E. The Honorable Albert SHABANGU, Minister for Housing & Urban Development
View Brazil - English
H. E. Mr. Ovídio Antônio de ANGELIS, Special Secretary for Urban Development
View China - English
H. E. Mr. YU Zheng Sheng, Minister of Construction
View Bahamas - English
H. E. The Honorable Algernon ALLEN, Minister of Housing & Social Development
View Belgium - French
H. E. Mr. Alain HUTCHINSON, Secretary of State for Housing
View Indonesia - English
H. E. Mrs. Erna WITOELAR, Minister of Settlements and Regional Infrastructure 
View Malaysia - English
H. E. The Hon. DATO' SERI ONG KA TING, Minister of Housing & Local Government
View Norway - English
H. E. Mr. Sverre BUGGE, State Secretary, Ministry of Local Government & Regional  Development
View Croatia - English
H. E. Mr. Bozo KOVACEVIC, Minister of Environment & Physical Planning
View Poland - English
H. E. Mr. Jerzy KROPIWNICKI, Minister of Regional Development & Housing
View Mali - French
H. E. Mr. Soumeila CISSE, Minister of Physical Infrastructure, National & Regional Development, Environment & Town Planning
View India - English
H. E. The Honorable Shri JAGMOHAN, Minister for Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation
View Egypt - English
H. E. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim SOLIMAN, Minister of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities
View Nicaragua - Spanish
H. E. Mr. Marco Aurelio SÁNCHEZ, Minister, President of the Bank of Housing
View Portugal - English
Her Excellency Mrs. Leonor COUTINHO, Secretary of State for Housing
View Peru - English
H. E. Mr. Raul FLÓREZ GARCÍA RADA, Vice-Minister of State of Housing & Construction
View Djibouti - French
Ms. Amina ABDI ADEN, Representative
View Belize - English
H. E. Mr. Stuart LESLIE, Chairman of the delegation
View Austria - English
Mr. George LENNKH, Director General for Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the delegation
View United Kingdom - English
H. E. Mr. John HODGES, Chairman of the delegation
View Pakistan - English
H. E. Mr. Shamshad AHMAD, Chairman of the delegation
View Kazakhstan - English
Her Excellency Ms. Madina JARBUSSYNOVA, Chairperson of the delegation
View Spain - English | Spanish
H. E. Mr. Inocencio ARIAS, Chairman of the delegation
View Colombia - Spanish
H. E. Mr. Alfonso VALDIVIESO, Chairman of the delegation
View Bangladesh - English
H. E. Mr. Quamrul Islam SIDDIQUE, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing & Public Works & Head of the Delegation
 View Denmark - English
Her Excellency Ms. Ellen Margrethe LØJ, Chairman of the delegation
View Guatemala - Spanish
H. E. Mr. Luis Raúl ESTÉVEZ, Representative
View Switzerland - French
H. E. Mr. Peter GURTNER, State Secretary
View UN Centre for Human Settlements (HABITAT) - English
Ms Anna Kajumulo TIBAIJUKA, Executive Director 
View World Association of Cities and Local Authorities Coordination - Spanish
Mr. Joan CLOS, Mayor of Barcelona