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Latest General Assembly resolutions on Website Accessibility

Questions Relating to Information

The General Assembly,
Recognizes the efforts made by the Department of Public Information to implement the basic accessibility requirements for persons with disabilities to access the United Nations website, and calls upon the Department to continue to work towards compliance with accessibility requirements on all new and updated pages of the website, with the aim of ensuring its accessibility for persons with different kinds of disabilities; [...]

Download resolution A/RES/68/86 A-B (2013) [PDF]

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Optional Protocol thereto

The General Assembly,
Requests the Secretary-General to continue the progressive implementation of standards and guidelines for the accessibility of facilities and services of the United Nations system, taking into account relevant provisions of the Convention, in particular when undertaking renovations, including interim arrangements; [...]

Download resolution A/RES/64/154 (2010) [PDF]

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