Making Accessible Websites for the UN

Downloadable Accessible Template and Style Sheets

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For your convenience, we have prepared an example of accessible site that you can download from this page. In the site, you will find:

You may however want to check with the office responsible for the website management to see if your site uses a global style sheet that you should have, and also if the javascript already exist on your server. If so, you will need to adjust the codes in the template to insert the proper files. Otherwise, you can proceed to create your new pages, attached or detached from the template.

In order to facilitate the maintenance of your site, we suggest you keep the structure as provided to you:

Once you are ready to launch, you can create on the server a new folder with the same name as on your local drive, and upload all your files and subfolders in that folder.

We would like to hear from you!

We would be really grateful to hear from you regarding this downloadable site. Please send us a message via our feedback form to let us know if you find it useful, what you like about it, and what you would like to see us improve, or if you have posted a new site based on this template.

Thank you in advance!