Making Accessible Websites for the United Nations

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PDF documents accessible?

A PDF document can be accessible if accessibility has been taken into account when it was produced. The accessibility criteria are similar to ones for HTML pages:

Are dropdown / fly-out menus accessible?

We generally do not recommend the use of dropdown / fly-out menus.

However, to be accessible, the menu must fulfill the following conditions:

Is JavaScript accessible?

It is possible to use JavaScript on an accessible page. To do so, make sure the implementation of your script follows these rules:

Which validation tool(s) can I use to check for accessibility?

There are a number of automatic validation tools that can provide partial accessibility validation. They can be used for preliminary validation purposes.

However, not all checkpoints can be validated automatically. Furthermore, automated tools sometimes yield incorrect or misleading results.

Once the issues identified with an automated tool are solved, it is imperative to complete the evaluation manually. This site provides a set of validation procedures for content providers, designers and developers.

Can a page that use tables for layout be accessible?

It is generally considered best practice to use CSS for layout.

However, in case of legacy pages, it may not be necessary to convert your page to a full CSS-controlled layout for accessibility purposes.

See the guidelines for uses of layout tables.

What is a screen reader?

A screen reader is a software that renders what is displayed on a script in audio or braille format.
You can see a video of a screen reader demonstration on the UN website.