Making Accessible Websites for the United Nations


Provide Information About Documents

WAI Definition (Checkpoint 11.3)

Provide information to enable users to receive documents according to their preferences.


When linking to non HTML documents, provide users with information on the document file type, size, language and available alternative formats.


Users who want to download files or view pages (such as documents or multimedia files) will want to select versions compatible with their systems and/or human language. Users are very reluctant to commit to downloading files if they can't tell whether they will be able to open or read them. Users with text-only browsers or screen readers may prefer to use pages that are optimized for certain user agents.



<!-- clearly specify the file type, size and/or language --> <a href="">Download the video of the event (Quick Time format, 3MB, 12mn)</a>
<a href="event.mp3">Download the audio recording of the event (MP3 format, 112KB, 12mn)</a>
<p>Choose the language of the document:</p>
  <li><a href="English_file.html">English (HTML format)</a></li>
  <li><a lang="ar" href="Arabic_file.pdf">عربي (PDF 3MB)</a></li>



Look at the page and check if there are links to downloadable files.

Success Criteria

Links to downloadable files provide users with details about the file (format, size or length, language, etc.).