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Preventive Diplomacy in Guinea

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Preventive Diplomacy in Guinea

In the aftermath of the military’s takeover upon the death of Guinea’s President in December 2008, tensions rose considerably in the West African country. The UN, through its Office for West Africa (UNOWA), engaged in persistent efforts to prevent violence and encourage a peaceful and rapid return to constitutional order throughout 2009 and 2010. Preventing political tensions from escalating into full-blown conflict was a major preoccupation during that period, not least because of the potential destabilization of neighbouring Sierra Leone, Liberia, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea-Bissau. 

UNOWA chief Said Djinnit shuttled back and forth to Guinea over fifty times, helping to keep up the diplomatic pressure for a swift and peaceful return to constitutional order. At the same time, electoral experts of the UN Department of Political Affairs provided support and advice that proved helpful in strengthening the work and credibility of Guinea’s electoral commission.

In a joint effort with the African Union and ECOWAS, the West African regional organization, the United Nations successfully assisted Guineans in steering the transition from military coup to its completion, in December 2010, through the inauguration of Guinea’s first president elected in democratic multi-party elections.




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