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Department of Political Affairs

DPA revamps UN Peacemaker

The Department of Political Affairs recently enhanced and re-launched UN Peacemaker, its online mediation support tool, to meet the evolving needs of mediation actors.

UN Peacemaker

The upgraded version includes the largest on-line database of peace agreements and allows users to browse agreements by country and a wide array of thematic issues.  The website also provides information on UN mediation support activities and services and contains the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation, including as a Mediationapp for portable devices, allowing mediators to access guidance material while they are on the go.  The whole package comes with a new look and feel.

Guidance for Effective Mediation 

UN Peacemaker was first launched in 2006 as part of a broader initiative by the Department of Political Affairs to professionalize further its activities in mediation and provide accessible knowledge and guidance to an expanding arena of actors involved in conflict prevention, management and resolution.  At the center of these efforts was the establishment of the Mediation Support Unit, which provides operational support to mediation, facilitation and dialogue processes and manages the Standby Team of Mediation Experts, who serve as on-call advisers to UN and non-UN peace envoys.  These and other initiatives undertaken in recent years have helped increase the dexterity of the Department and its ability to engage in preventive diplomacy and respond rapidly to crises.   
Every conflict is unique and any peace process is doomed to failure unless it responds to the specific aspects of a crisis. Whether designing a ceasefire or crafting agreements on power-sharing or the management of natural resources, the characteristics of each mediation process will vary from setting to setting.  But drawing on past experiences can help mediators identify and develop options for sustainable peace agreements and warring parties to better envision the possibilities of a peaceful resolution.  UN Peacemaker provides insights into reoccurring factors that must be considered when building a peacemaking strategy and provides quick access to essential mediation tools. It has been widely used by UN mediators as well as mediation actors at the regional and national levels, including diplomats, military personnel and civil society.

Want to know more?

UN Peacemaker: www.peacemaker.un.org

Mediation support app: www.peacemaker.un.org/mediationapp