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Department of Political Affairs

Latest Reports by the Secretary-General

Sierra-Leone, Somalia and Iraq are the countries in focus in the latest Reports of the Secretary-General relating to field missions managed by the Department of Political Affairs.

Secretary-General's Report on Sierra Leone, 2 September 2011

Sierra LeoneIn his latest report on the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL), the Secretary-General underlined the importance of political tolerance and non-violence ahead of the 2012 elections. In this regard, Ban Ki-moon highlighted the need for strong political parties and for media that refrain from publishing inflammatory articles. 

The Secretary-General welcomed the proposal to convene a national conference, as an inclusive forum to address grievances and reach agreement on the modalities for the upcoming elections. Regarding the organization of such a conference, he offered the assistance of his representative in Sierra Leone, the head of UNIPSIL.

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Secretary-General's Report on Somalia, 30 August 2011

Woman in Mogadishu, Somalia With Somalia facing a famine that has already killed tens of thousands of people, the Secretary-General calls on the international community to respond with greater urgency. In his latest report on Somalia, Ban Ki-moon also underscored the need for access by aid agencies to assist the population.

Beyond this emergency, the Secretary-General calls on all parties to seize the opportunities created by progress on the political and security front in the past few months. Following months of deadlock, the Kampala Accords of June have led to the formation of a new cabinet and the adoption of a roadmap for ending the transitional nature of Somalia's political institutions. Moreover, Somali forces supported by the African Union’s troops (AMISOM) have pushed Al-Shabaab out of most of the capital Mogadishu in August. As the Secretary-General states, these hard-won gains must not be reversed and require leadership by the Transitional Federal Government as well as international support for the Somali authorities.

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Secretary-General's Report on Iraq, 19 July 2011

Iraq In his latest report on Iraq, the Secretary-General calls on the country’s political leaders to swiftly solve outstanding issues in the Government formation process, particularly appointments to key security posts, more than half a year after the formation of the current cabinet.

While Iraq has made considerable progress in the past eight years, the Secretary-General expressed his concern that important basic needs of the Iraqi people should not be forgotten, noting especially the country’s poverty index.

Regarding the status of Kirkuk and other disputed internal territories, recent efforts by key Iraqi stakeholders to find common ground are encouraging. The Secretary-General underlined the UN’s readiness to continue its facilitation role in this area through the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI).

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