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Department of Political Affairs

Recent Reports of the Secretary-General


The following recent Reports of the Secretary-General cover key issues related to the work of the Department of Political Affairs (DPA) and its field missions.

Secretary-General's Report on West Africa, 20 June 2011

UNOWA Head DjinnitThe region of West Africa witnessed progress towards greater stability, as exemplified by the successful transitions to constitutional order in Guinea and the Niger following coups or by the end of the crisis in Côte d'Ivoire, the Secretary-General states in his report of 20 June. However, election-related tension remained a source of concern in the subregion and led in some instances to deadly confrontations between security forces and protesters.

Read the full report on West Africa (PDF)

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Secretary-General's Report on Guinea-Bissau, 17 June 2011

Military and paramilitary in Guinea-BissauIn his latest report on Guinea-Buissau, the Secretary-General welcomed the national government's constructive response to concerns with regard to the rule of law, impunity and the role of the military. Mr. Ban further noted the commendable steps taken by the national authorities and the international partners towards enhancing Guinea-Bissau's political stability in the past months. At the same time, he called upon the authorities to conclude independent and transparent investigations into the 2009 political assassinations. The Secretary-General also expressed his concern about drug-trafficking activities in the country.

Read the full report on Guinea-Bissau (PDF)

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Secretary-General's Report on the establishment of Somali anti-piracy courts, 15 June 2011

Secretary-General speaking on piracyThe Secretary-General's report of 15 June assesses the legal and practical modalities for the establishment of Somali anti-piracy courts. The report covers both the United Nations' assistance to courts in the regions of "Somaliland" and "Puntland" within Somalia as well as the option of extraterritorial courts.

Read the full report on Somali anti-piracy courts (PDF)

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Secretary-General's Report on Somalia, 28 April 2011

African Union Jeep in Somalia

Following military gains against insurgents in Somalia, the Secretary-General urged the Somali authorities and its partners to address the political future of the country. In his latest report on Somalia, Mr. Ban also underlined the growing importance of development assistance in order to consolidate the military gains.

Read the full report on Somalia (PDF)

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Secretary-General's Report on Western Sahara, 1 April 2011

Western SaharaNeither party to the dispute over Western Sahara has taken steps to date that would suggest a readiness to move to an acceptable compromise, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his report of 1 April and recommended measures to help advance progress in the UN-backed negotiations. He called on the parties to seek common ground on the one major point of convergence, namely the need to obtain the approval of the population for any agreement.

 Read the full report on Western Sahara (PDF)

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Secretary-General's Report on Sierra Leone, 9 March 2011

Sierra LeoneIn his latest report on the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL), the Secretary-General noted that all of the country’s achievements will be put to the test by the challenge of conducting peaceful, free and fair presidential, parliamentary and local council elections in 2012.

While the UN and international partners stand ready to assist Sierra Leone and its electoral institutions, Mr. Ban said that the Government and the country’s political parties have a critical role to play in ensuring the success of the elections.

Read the full report on Sierra Leone (PDF)

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