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Department of Political Affairs

Voluntary funding key to rapid reaction

Response to upheaval in the Arab World underscores role of voluntary funding

DPA Multi-Year Appeal In the first half of 2011, voluntary funding continued to fuel the preventive diplomacy work of DPA, making possible the rapid dispatch of mediators, electoral experts and staff to hotspots around the globe. While the UN’s Regular Budget provides the overall platform for action, including DPA’s core staff and its missions in the field, increasingly, it is the funding the department receives through voluntary contributions that multiply its ability to act fast.
However, DPA’s Multi-Year Appeal remains under-funded, with only $7.3 million received in contributions or pledges since its launch in November 2010 out of $17.9 million requested for 2011. Additional donor support is needed before the end of this year in order to implement the planned programmes.
The crisis across the Arab World has created unexpected demands, which is why a Supplementary Proposal was presented in April to donors calling for $4.3 million, dedicated for rapid response projects throughout the region. DPA appreciates the voluntary funds received to date, which have contributed a range of activities including DPA's support to the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy to Libya and its positioning of UN expertise on elections to both Egypt and Tunisia. Read more about DPA’s work in the region
In keeping with its commitment to transparency and results, DPA recently presented its first Annual Progress Report , outlining activities funded by voluntary contributions in 2010.
More information about how DPA is funded, including the Department’s Multi-Year Appeal.