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Department of Political Affairs


SG in Myanmar

Myanmar is passing through a phase of transition and reform following decades of military rule. This phase has opened up new opportunities and challenges for the United Nations and the international community in providing support to Myanmar’s nationally owned peace process that seeks to end decades of conflict and to promote national reconciliation between the Government and various Ethnic Armed Groups; in promoting, democratic reform, socioeconomic development and communal harmony in the country.  The Department of Political Affairs has provided support to successive envoys of the Secretary-General tasked with employing his diplomatic “good offices” on these fronts.


Nepal women

The Department of Political Affairs supports Nepal’s efforts to successfully complete the implementation of the 2006 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. In particular, the United Nations has urged renewed focus on outstanding commitments of the peace process, notably the effective integration and rehabilitation of former Maoist combatants, democratization of the army and adoption of a new constitution.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka camp

For many years, Sri Lanka’s armed conflict was a matter of grave international concern. The United Nations supported political efforts to resolve the conflict and, during its final stages in 2009, strongly advocated respect for human rights and a humane and orderly end to the fighting. In the aftermath of the conflict, the United Nations, through the work of its agencies, funds and programmes on the ground, has assisted with the safe and dignified return and resettlement of civilians uprooted by the conflict.