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Department of Political Affairs


Orealla, Guyana, UNDP PhotoDPA has worked with UNDP and other UN partners in support of political stability and social cohesion in Guyana since 2003. Guyana has made significant strides in recent years in consolidating democratic governance, social peace and development. Key steps included reaching an agreement among all stakeholders to promote greater dialogue and inclusion among the country’s different groups in order to advance the socio-economic development of Guyana.  Yet reducing poverty and addressing security concerns, while at the same time constructively managing the country’s ethnic and social diversity, constitutes a complex challenge. In this respect, the UN has sought to steadily deepen its support to the various sectors of Guyanese society working towards these aims. 

Following the Social Cohesion Programme (2003-2006), DPA worked closely with UNDP’s Bureau for Conflict Prevention and Recovery to provide support, including political guidance, to a multi-sectoral conflict prevention programme, titled “Enhanced Public Trust, Security and Inclusion” (EPTSI). The EPTSI project aimed to strengthen efforts towards deepening democratic practice and sustainable peace in Guyana, specifically by empowering youth, and particularly young women, to participate fully and constructively in governance and to serve as agents for peaceful change. DPA continues to provide political support to governance projects undertaken by the UNDP Country Office in Guyana in partnership with the Government of Guyana and other stakeholders.