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Department of Political Affairs


A worker putting up a sign for the new UNSOM Headquarters in MogadishuUnited Nations efforts to achieve peace, reconciliation and stability in Somalia are led and coordinated by the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), a field operation of the Department of Political Affairs established in the Somali capital of Mogadishu in June 2013.

UNSOM was established amid much-improved security conditions and following considerable political progress in Somalia which have brought renewed hope after nearly two decades of lawlessness and conflict. Last year has seen the establishment of a representative Government, the approval of a provisional constitution, and the weakening of the militant insurgency Al Shabaab.

UNSOM head Nicholas Kay gives an interview upon his arrival in MogadishuThe UN mission is mandated by the Security Council to work with the Federal Government of Somalia to help create and galvanize an environment in which stabilization and peacebuilding can succeed. The establishment of UNSOM demonstrates the strong commitment of the UN to work more closely with the new Federal Government – and all Somalis – in building lasting peace and stability. 

UNSOM supports efforts to establish a federal system, reform the security sector and strengthen the justice system, in addition to strengthening human rights and coordinating international assistance. UNSOM is headed by Nicholas Kay, a national of Great Britain serving as Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia.


While the above interview with SRSG Kay highlights UNSOM's current work and the situation in Somalia, the recent political progress in Somalia is recapped in the UN-produced film from Transition to Transformation


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