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Department of Political Affairs

Sri Lanka

USG visiting Sri Lanka camp

For many years, Sri Lanka’s armed conflict was a matter of grave international concern. The United Nations supported political efforts to resolve the conflict and, during its final stages in 2009, strongly advocated respect for human rights and a humane and orderly end to the fighting. In the aftermath of the conflict, the United Nations, through the work of its funds and agencies on the ground, has assisted with the safe and dignified return and resettlement of civilians uprooted by the conflict. The United Nations has also encouraged the Government of Sri Lanka to adopt policies to promote both political reconciliation and a credible accountability process for allegations of wartime violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

The joint statement issued between the United Nations and the Government of Sri Lanka during Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s May 2009 visit to the country provided a framework for cooperatively addressing these and other post-war challenges.

Panel of Experts on Human Rights Accountability

As a follow up to that commitment, the Secretary-General established a Panel of Experts to advise him and provide recommendations on human rights accountability for Sri Lanka. The Panel submitted its report (PDF) in March 2011. The Secretary-General and the United Nations will remain focused on a broad range of issues regarding post-conflict efforts in Sri Lanka.