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ASEAN-UN Workshop: Regional Dialogue II

From 25 to 26 February, the Government of the Union of Myanmar, the United Nations and the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies will jointly organise a two-day workshop in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Government of the Union of Myanmar, H.E. U Wunna Maung Lwin and the Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Mr. Jeffrey Feltman will host the event, which will also be attended by the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General on Myanmar, Mr. Vijay Nambiar.


"Politically Speaking" is now online

The Department of Political Affairs is experimenting with a new way of publishing "Politically Speaking" that is web-based and better equipped to highlight DPA's work through videos, photos and graphics. Check out the new Poltically Speaking website: http://un-dpa.tumblr.com/

Amid numerous crises, DPA launches $25.5M appeal to supplement regular budget

08 December 2014 - A record number of Member States participated today as the United Nations Department of Political Affairs launched a $25.5 million appeal to ensure that it can adequately respond to existing and emerging challenges in conflict prevention and resolution already stretching UN capacity.  

United Nations Sanctions Primer

Since the creation of the United Nations, the Security Council has established 25 sanctions regimes. They have been used to support conflict resolution efforts, prevent the proliferation of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, and counter terrorism. 

Recruiting senior women

UNAMA's human rights chief, Georgette Gagnon, takes questions from the media in Afghanistan.4 March 2014 -- We are looking for senior qualified women with proven leadership skills, integrity, and commitment to the ideals of the UN Charter to create a 'talent pipeline' of Directors in UN Peacekeeping and Special Political Missions.


UN offices team up to launch new newsletter on constitutions

The UN Constitutional21 January 2014 -- Recognizing the importance of constitutions as the foundation of democracy and good governance, six UN offices have joined efforts to launch a first-of-its kind newsletter focused on constitutions.

Political missions ‘indispensable’ for peace and security, report underlines

20 November 2013 – Political missions are making a difference in defusing tensions, bringing countries back from the brink of conflict and building sustainable peace, says a recent UN report tracing the history and evolution of these missions.

DPA newsletter surveys political challenges and achievements amid continuing turbulence

New edition of the newsletter Politically Speaking14 August 2013 - In the new issue of its bi-annual bulletin Politically Speaking, DPA illustrates how UN mediators and political and peacebuilding missions in areas of tension around the world are working in complex environments to prevent conflict and bolster peace.

Voluntary funds vital for DPA’s activities in 2012, annual report underlines

DPA's 2012 Annual Report 20 June 2013 – In another year marked by political turbulence, DPA has made effective contributions to international peace and stability, supported by encouraging levels of voluntary funding, the Department’s annual report underlines. 

UN launches new mission to help bring peace and stability to Somalia

3 June 2013 - The United Nations today launched the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia, marking a new chapter in UN efforts for peace and stability in the country.

Film retraces Somalia's journey from transition to transformation

21 May 2013 - A new UN movie illustrates the progress Somalia has achieved last year in trying to overcome what many see as one of the world’s most intractable crises. 

UN, ASEAN hold workshop on conflict prevention and preventive diplomacy

UN-ASEAN workshop5-6 April 2013 - Representatives of the Association of Southeat Asian Nations and United Nations officials met in Jakarta, Indonesia, for joint talks on "Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Conflict Prevention and Preventive Diplomacy". 

March 2013 e-newsletter

March 2013 e-news 27 March 2013 - DPA's March 2013 e-news explores issues on the UN’s political radar through interviews with senior envoys, updates on activities in mediation, and summaries of recent reports by the Secretary-General. 



Under-Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman visits Nepal

Jeffrey Feltman21 March 2013 - Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman today wrapped up a three-day visit to Nepal as part of his first visit to South Asia.  Read the transcript of his press encounter.

2013 Standby Team of Mediation Experts commences work

Standby Team 1 March 2013 - The 2013 Standby Team of Mediation Experts, whose work is overseen by the Department of Political Affairs, has taken up its work today.  Since 2008, a team of leading experts has been selected for full time one-year assignments with the United Nations to act as advisers to envoys, field-based political and peacekeeping missions, the UN system as a whole as well as mediation partners. 

Press conference by Under-Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman

Jeffrey Feltman
8 February 2013 - Mr. Feltman spoke to the press corps at United Nations Headquarters in New York after participating in international meetings on Mali in Addis Ababa and Brussels and following his visits to Kenya, ahead of the upcoming elections, and the United Nations political missions in Somalia and Burundi.  Watch his press briefing here     


Political Missions play increasingly important role, report says

Political Missions 2012 13 December 2012 - Political missions are playing a central role in addressing conflicts globally though many face financial and security concerns that limit their impact, concludes an independent report released on the work of United Nations and other multilateral political missions.  The report, Political Missions 2012 by New York University’s Center for International Cooperation, notes that in a year in which the numbers of troops deployed in peace operations declined, the pressure on political missions to manage complex peace processes increased.  From supporting elections in Libya and tackling coups in West Africa to attempting to find a solution to Syria’s civil war, political missions have responded to rapidly unfolding regional developments, the report finds. 

Revamped UN peacemaker now available

Sudan Referendum 7 February 2013 - To keep pace with evolving demands and changes, DPA has revamped and re-launched its on-line mediation support tool, UN Peacemaker, first established  in 2006 to respond to the need for accessible mediation knowledge and guidance.   UN Peacemaker includes 750 peace agreements from around the world - the most comprehensive database available on the internet - and offers comprehensive guidance such as the UN Guidance for Effective Mediation.  

Voluntary funds enable timely response to conflicts, DPA tells Member States at Annual Donor Meeting

USG Pascoe at the Security Council30 November 2012 – Extra-budgetary contributions help the UN respond more rapidly to tensions and crises around the globe, the Department of Political Affairs underscored to member states at its Annual Donor Meeting held at UN headquarters in New York at the end of November. In 2012, voluntary funding has enabled DPA to undertake a number of swift actions in support of peace and security, including enhanced support to political missions and the early launching of mediation efforts. For 2013, DPA’s Multi-Year Appeal requests US$ 16 million, a modest investment in the kind of preventive action that can help to avoid more costly troop deployments, humanitarian relief or reconstruction efforts.

DPA during the 67th General Assembly

General Assembly 3 October 2012 - The Department of Political Affairs (DPA) has contributed to the 67th General Assembly (GA) across the breadth of high-level meetings, mini-summits and many other interactions.

Jeffrey D. Feltman Appointed as UN Political Chief

Jeffrey D. Feltman 11 June 2012 - The Secretary-General has appointed Jeffrey D. Feltman of the United States as Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs.  Mr. Feltman who recently served as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs with the rank of Career Minister, brings to the position over 26 years of political and diplomatic experience within the United States Foreign Service, mostly handling Eastern European and Middle Eastern affairs.

Report Demonstrates Value of Contributions to Peacemaking

Annual Report to Donors

5 June 2012 - In its latest Annual Report to donors, the Department of Political Affairs (DPA) highlights activities supported with voluntary contributions during 2011 – ranging from the early planning of the UN’s mission in Libya to electoral assistance for countries in transition in the Arab world.

Guidance for Mediators: Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Guidance for Mediators

9 March 2012 - The United Nations is enlisting its peace envoys in stepped-up efforts by the organization to combat the scourge of sexual violence in warfare, unveiling new guidelines to help mediators address the problem in peace agreements and cease-fires.

Latest Updates

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Preventive Diplomacy: Delivering Results

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 22 September 2011 - In the first UN report on the use of preventive diplomacy to resolve tensions and crises before they escalate, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon describes the growing importance of this practice by the United Nations and its partners, underscoring its potential to save lives and protect development gains at a low cost to the international community.  The report speaks to recent advances and accomplishments in the field and proposes a forward agenda for strengthening the use of preventive diplomacy as a means of diminishing conflicts and their devastating toll. Successful preventive diplomacy is not easy, however building up the world’s collective capacities in this area is “without doubt, one of the smartest investments we can make,” the Secretary-General says in his report.

Learn more about preventive diplomacy and watch video interviews with UN envoys

Political Missions 2012