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DPA's Politically Speaking

DPA's Politically Speaking magazine highlights the work of the Department at the UN Headquarters  and in the field to prevent and resolve conflict around the world. The magazine is available online at http://un-dpa.tumblr.com   


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Archived paper-version Politically Speaking newsletters


Politically Speaking Summer/Fall 2013 Summer/Fall 2013

Including articles on:

- Towards Peace in the Great Lakes: a Framework of Hope
- Politics in Tough Places: UN Diplomacy in Today’s Crises
- Syria: Interview with Lakhdar Brahimi
- Somalia: Here to Help, Here to Stay

  Politically Speaking Fall 2012 Fall 2012

Including articles on:

- Libya's Landmark Elections and Beyond

- Syria: Peacemaking in Transition

- Somalia Beyond the Roadmap

- Battling the Lord's Resistance Army

- Camp Ashraf: Promoting a Peaceful Resolution

Politically Speaking Winter Spring 2012Winter/Spring 2012

Including articles on:

- Building the New Libya

- Changing Arab World: Interview with B. Lynn Pascoe

- Political Transition in Yemen

- Burundi and the UN, in Transition

- Electoral Assistance: Changing with the Times


Politically Speaking Summer-Fall 2011

Summer/Fall 2011

Including articles on:

- Crisis and Change in the Middle East and North Africa

- Libya: UN Post-Conflict Planning

- Building Lebanon's Peace

- Conflict Prevention in Central Africa

                                            - Elections and Conflict  


Politically Speaking Fall Winter 2010-2011

Politically Speaking Spring 2009

Spring 2009