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The Sustainable Energy for All Initiative calls for all to take bold action. Everyone will have a role to play. 
Governments will be encouraged to develop national targets and plans of action.  In addition, goverments can create the policy framework that provides appropriate incentives, channels investment flows, and spurs innovation.
Private investment is critical to reaching the targets. The business community is the driving force behind innovation and can channel billions of dollars in investment toward sustainable energy efforts. Investors can provide seed money for clean technologies and invest in both on- and off-grid energy solutions.  The Initiative will actively work with the private sector, seeking to create public-private partnerships to help governments create the policy framework and incentives needed to catalyze a clean energy revolution and expand energy access to all.  Companies can also make their operations and supply chains more energy efficient.  
Industry, government, and academia can all contribute new research to the Initiative.
Civil society has the on-the-ground knowledge needed to spur development.  They can train people, conduct advocacy, and encourage transparency.
Individuals can make more efficient use of energy in their daily lives is one place to start. For example, in some countries this might mean insulating homes, turning down the thermostat, or taking public transportation. Individuals can also encourage their leaders to support the goals of universal energy access and increased use of renewable energy. Individuals also vote with their wallet, so supporting businesses that use renewables or are improving their energy efficiency is also important. 
Please refer to the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative website for more information on how you can get involved.