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Edison Lobão
Minister of Mines and Energy of Brazil
The Minister of Mines and Energy Edison Lobão has been active in Brazilian politics for about 30 years.
Lawyer and Journalist by profession, he began his public career in the State of Maranhão as Congressman for two terms, Senator for three, and governor for one. His administration was considered the most proactive towards the improvement of education. In the Congress and the Senate he played important roles. Currently in the Senate, he has been outstanding in his duties due to his energetic performance. He presided over, among other technical commissions, the Constitutional and Justice Commission and the Financial Surveillance Commission.
In the Constitutional and Justice Commission, where all law projects are initiated, he conducted social security and judiciary power reforms. In the Financial Surveillance Commission, which can be defined as a general audit of the Republic, he commanded important procedures oriented towards the improvement of public administration. In July 2001, he assumed presidency of the Senate to bring a solution to a serious crisis which had forced the president at the time to step down.
He has participated in various official Brazilian delegations to meetings and conferences abroad. He has thrice presided over the Brazilian group at the Inter-parliamentary Union, an UN-related organ, as well as exerted its Vice-Presidency. Also he was President of the Pension Fund Institute of Congress. According to corporate leadership opinion polls, he is considered one of the most active and prestigious senators in Brazil. He was Minister of Mines and Energy from January 2008 until March 2010 when he left the Ministry to run for the Senate reelection. He won the elections and remained on the Senate until the President Dilma Rousseff appointed him as the Minister of Mines and Energy for her administration. He was nominated Minister on January 1, 2011.