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Luciano Coutinho
President, Brazilian Development Bank

Between 1985 and 1988 Dr. Luciano Coutinho was Executive-Secretary for the Ministry of Science and Technology, and took part in the structuring of the Ministry and in the conception of policies addressed to high-complexity areas such as biotechnology, information technology, fine chemistry, precision mechanics and new materials.
Born in Pernambuco, Dr. Coutinho has a BA degree in Economics from Universidade de São Paulo and, during this period, he received the Gastão Vidigal Award for best Economics student in São Paulo. With a Master's degree in Economics from the Institute of Economic Research of USP [University of São Paulo], he was guest professor at the Universities of São Paulo, Paris XIII, Texas and at Instituto Ortega y Gasset, in addition to being a tenured professor of Unicamp. Until taking office as President of BNDES, he was partner at LCA Consultores, acting as a consulting specialist in competition defense, foreign trade and economic inspections.
Dr. Coutinho holds a PhD in Economics from Cornell University and is a guest professor at Universidade de Campinas (Unicamp).