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Sport and Gender

In 2011, “Sport and Gender” was the second Thematic Working Group of the SDP IWG to be activated, and it is currently chaired by Norway, after being reelected in 2014. The objectives and activities of this Working Group can be found in the “Sport and Gender” Action Plan.

The Working Group focuses on the following three Strategic Priority Areas:

  1. Fostering Self-Esteem and Empowerment
  2. Facilitating Social Support and Inclusion
  3. Providing Opportunities for Leadership and Achievement

You may learn more about each of these topics by reading the Policy Briefs below, including policy and programme recommendations to Governments based on the SDP IWG Report “Harnessing the Power of Sport for Development and Peace: Recommendations to Governments”.

Notably, the two working groups ‘Sport and Child & Youth Development’ and ‘Sport and Gender” have a particular emphasis on the topic of ‘Protection and Safeguarding in Sport’. A thematic meeting on this topic was organized by the Chair countries of these two working groups (i.e. Norway and the UK) in October, 2012, to highlight the importance of having policies in place to ensure that sport is not an arena where any kind of violence or abuse can take place.

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