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Since 1984, the World Health Organization (WHO) has engaged with the sporting world to promote healthy lifestyle, the benefits of regular physical activity and to fight tobacco use. Recognising the important links between sport, physical activity and health, the 2008 Action Plan on Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and the 2004 Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health (DPAS) have been developed and endorsed by the World Health Assembly. Both documents emphasize the importance to start the practice of adapted physical activity early in childhood.

WHO Forum and Technical Meeting on Population-based Prevention Strategies for Childhood Obesity (Geneva, December 2009)

Physical Activity and Sports component of the implementation of DPAS and the Action Plan on Prevention and Control of NCD (focal point in WHO: Dr. Tim Armstrong, email: armstrongt@who.int)

Collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (focal point in WHO: Dr. Tim Armstrong, email: armstrongt@who.int)

Playing for Health: A Project to Promote the Health of Pre-adolescent Males through Football (focal point in WHO: Mr Paulus Bloem, email: bloemp@who.int)

Mass gathering as opportunities for promotion of Health and Physical Activity - Intersectoral work and Health Legacy of mass gathering events such as the Olympic Games (focal point in WHO: Dr Gauden Galea, email: galeag@who.int)

Luís Figo and the World Tuberculosis Cup

Review of Sport-for-Health approaches in Africa, WHO Tropical Diseases Research (focal point Dr Jane Kengeya Kayondo, Coordinator, Strategic Alliances)

The 7th Global Conference on Health Promotion, Nairobi, Kenya, 26-30 October 2009.

Dr. Tim Armstrong
E-mail: armstrongt(at)who.int

Dr. Gauden Galea
E-mail: galeag@who.int

Mr. Godfrey Xuereb
E-mail: xuerebg(at)who.int

Ms. Vanessa Candeias
E-mail: candeiasv(at)who.int

Mr. Paulus Bloem
E-mail : bloemp(at)who.int


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