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Facilitating Social Support and Inclusion

The combined interaction of traditional, cultural and gender norms and poverty often results in girls’ and women’s social isolation, severely constrained education and employment opportunities, and general exclusion from mainstream community life. The SDP IWG Report, “Harnessing the Power of Sport for Development and Peace: Recommendations to Governments”, made the following policy and programmatic recommendations which Member States, with SDP IWG support, are encouraged to implement:


  • Ensure an equitable allocation of (community) resources for girls’ and women’s sport in relation to sport for boys and men.
  • Require publicly funded sport organizations and sport programmes for girls and women to establish and enforce policies, training and procedures against harassment, sexual abuse and violence to protect girls and women in sporting situations. Forms of abuse involve any pattern of physical abuse e.g. physical violence, corporal punishment, and sexual abuse including harassment on the basis of sxual orientation, any pattern of emotional, psychological or mental abuse as well as any form of neglect, bullying and hazing.
  • Encourage sport organizations, municipalities, and community-based organizations that offer sport programmes to build gender equity into their programmes.
  • Encourage sport organisations, municipalities, and community-based organisations that offer sport programmes to include education for both genders in regard to gender equity and sensitivity into their programmes. Boys and men should also be included and addressed to take over responsibility to act against gender discrimination and inequality.


  • Incorporate mandatory physical education into primary and secondary school curricula and ensure that gender sensitivity is a mandatory component of physical education teacher training 2 .
  • Invest in community-based sport programmes for girls.
  • Invest in sport facilities, equipment and spaces that are suitable for, and accessible to, girls and women.


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  2 Cross references to the Strategic Plam of the 'Sport and Child & Youth Development' Thematic Working Group. Please consider the latter.

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