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Another Success for Judo at the UNOSDP Youth Leadership Training Program

29 May 2013

Macolin, Switzerland (IJF)- From May 19 to 20, 2013, the International Judo Federation participated one more time in the Youth Leadership Training Camp, which was held in Macolin, Switzerland, in the magnificent sports complex of the 'Office Fédéral du Sport'.


The Camp, which commenced on May 5th, was the fifth one organized by the UNOSDP and this time it concerned a range of French Speaking African and Eastern Mediterranean countries. 

 The Objective of the Youth Leadership camp is to "support deserving young community workers who work with basic education levels and limited resources, by providing them with access to theoretical and practical training on how sport can be better used to effect positive change in their communities."

Mr. Wilfried Lemke, UN Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace, who attended the opening ceremony, addressed the young participants: “Sport is a powerful tool in promoting gender equality, inclusion of people with disabilities, world peace and development. These areas of development have been exhibited on the mega scale sporting events such as the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, and also take place in day-to-day community activities. As such, the program helps the young community leaders better take advantage of sport from grassroots to facilitate positive changes social changes.”

Mr. Lemke expressed his enthusiasm for the program and gratitude to the many organizations and companies involved, including the International Paralympic Committee, the International Judo Federation, as well as the Table Tennis Federation, the International Volleyball Federation Heroes, Play and Train, Swimsport.ch, Inspirasport, Peace Players, Football Club Basel 1893 and their partner Scort Foundation, and the sportswear company 361 Degrees International.

The eleven-day camp featured a theme per day, covering sport and gender, inclusion with people with disabilities, education, peace, event planning, and program development, etc. A team of experts and experienced practionners played the facilitators.

Thus on May 19 and 20, the theme was 'JUDO' and the 30 participants had the pleasure to discover it through several judo clinics. Led by Nicolas Messner, IJF Media director and coordinator of the IJF development activities, the judo clinics mainly focused on the judo values:
- Politeness - It’s respecting other people
- Courage - It’s doing what is right
- Sincerity - It’s talking without falsehood
- Honor - It’s keeping your word
- Modesty - It’s talking about oneself without pride
- Respect - Its instilling confidence
- Control of oneself - It knows how to keep your anger in check
- Friendship - It’s the purest of all human feelings

Following the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between the UNOSDP and the IJF, which was signed last year by Mr. Lemke and Mr. Vizer (http://www.intjudo.eu/News/cikk2299) in the presence of the Judo for Peace Director, Mr. Jan Eirik Schiotz, it was also the occasion to present the development activities led by the IJF throughout the world: Judo for Peace and Judo for Children programs are now implemented in several countries.

The participants really enjoyed the judo clinics and the discussions and they were impressed by the implication of the IJF in development activities. At the end of the two days, they all received as a present the Greenhill (IJF master supplier) judogi that were put at their disposal during the clinics: "It's really a nice present and we will keep it as a great souvenir and a reminder of the judo philosophy", declared the participants. 
The next Youth Leadership Camp will be held in Sweden and once again, Judo will be present. At the beginning of next year, an other camp will take place in Japan. The Home country of Judo will welcome participants coming from several Asian countries and for sure Judo will receive a special attention to illustrate the very good collaboration between the UNOSDP and the IJF.

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