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Youth Leadership Camp starts third year in Tokyo

19 January 2014
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Participants in the Right to Play session in Tokyo.

UNOSDP (Tokyo)- Today marks the start of the 8th United Nations Office on Sport for development and peace’s Youth Leadership Camp. This successful sports programme identifies future community leaders and educates them with essential transferable life skills.


After two very successful years of this unique sport camp, the third starts of in the Japanese capital, Tokyo. After a victorious bid to host the 2020 Olympics, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, is now fully invested in the promotion of sport for development and peace.

Coming from 14 different countries, the participants vary in their level of involvement in sport projects. With some dedicating their time as coaches, volunteers, administrators and programme managers. The common denominator amongst the young sport leaders, is their enthusiasm for using sport to promote positive social change in their community.

As local planning partner, the Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute have been instrumental in bringing together both international and national partners to create this unique event in the future 2020 Olympic city.
The UN Special adviser on Sport for Development and Peace, Mr Wilfried Lemke, today held his introduction presentation with the young leaders and was delighted with their passion, and with the splendour of the 1964 Olympic facilities.

"We are delighted to be hosting our Youth Leadership Camp in Tokyo this year. After the cities successful bid to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, I can only see Japans presence in the Sport for Development movement become more prominent. The Olympic legacy is still vibrant in Tokyo, and the participants of the camp will have the irreplaceable experience of using the facilities, still in daily use, from the Tokyo Olympics 1964."

An additional feature to the Tokyo camp will be the excursion to Northern Japan, to an area struck by an earthquake in 2011. The young participants will take part in community work and exchange ideas with local students from the city of Ishinomaki, in the Miyagi Prefecture, on how they can use sport for societal and community development.


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