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8th IOC World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture

Date: 25 November 2012  - 27 November 2012  
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The 8th edition of the IOC's World Conference on Sport, Education and Culture will be hosted in Amsterdam from 25 to 27 November 2012. The event is organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and in collaboration with the National Olympic Committee of the Netherlands (NOC*NSF).

The two-day programme will be structured around plenary and dialogue sessions, during which the delegates will review policies, exchange views on best practices and identify future action in the fields of sport, education and culture. With the aim of promoting the role of sport in community development, culture and education, an exhibition will run parallel to the Conference, illustrating the concept of culture and sport as the foundation of Olympism.

The Conference will heavily involve young people. There will be side events targeted at the youth, and participants of the first Winter Youth Olympic Games (Innsbruck 2012) and the European Athletics-UNESCO Young Leaders Forum (Helsinki, Finland) will join in the discussions.

Key topics on the agenda will include:

  • innovative approaches for sustainable education;
  • the value of sport in civil society and, specifically, in terms of family structures;
  • the cultural exchange and identity angle;
  • the impact of the Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Games Cultural Olympiad;
  • the socio-economic benefits of sport and quality physical education, and
  • the follow-up of the Durban Conference motto, “Giving a Voice to Youth”.

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