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Plenary Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport, 2012

Date: 17 April 2012  - 19 April 2012  
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

The Plenary Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS) and a meeting of its Permanent Consultative Council (PCC), its advisory body which provides technical expertise in sport and physical education, will be held from 17 to 19 April 2012, at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The meetings will bring together the 17 CIGEPS Member States, as well as representatives of UN agencies and core international sport organizations to discuss the implementation of the Committee’s work programme. Particular attention will be paid to the elaboration of research on the socio-economic benefits of sport and the development of international indicators on quality physical education. Another key focus of the meeting will be preparations for the Fifth International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS V) which is planned for 2013.

Participants will also adopt a new membership list for the PCC, based on the revised criteria and rules of procedure adopted during the 2011 CIGEPS Plenary Session. An engaged and high-functioning PCC is vital to the realization of CIGEPS’ potential to drive international efforts in sport and to respond effectively to a changing global environment.


For more information on the 2011 CIGEPS Plenary Session (including all working documents), click here.

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Youth, Sports and Physical Education Section
Social and Human Sciences Sector
Tel.: + 33 (0)1 45 68 45 38
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