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UN Special Adviser signs partnership agreement with the Doha Goals Forum

2 April 2013
Executive Director of Doha Goals Sheikh Faisal & UN Special Adviser Mr. Lemke (Photo: Doha Goals)

Doha (UNOSDP) - During a visit to Doha, Qatar, the UN’s Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace, Mr. Wilfried Lemke, met with the Executive Director of Doha Goals Sheikh Faisal, to sign the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the collaboration between the United Nation’s Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) and the Doha Goals Forum beyond 2012.

This collaboration between the Doha Goals Forum and the UNOSDP developed through a natural appreciation for the power of sport. Both define sport as a universal language, and indentify sport as providing a level playing field on which everyone is equal.Through his advisory and advocacy capacities, Mr. Lemke and the UNOSDP will endorse the future Doha Goal Forum’s manifesto and will look to assist in any research that is relevant to sport as a tool for development and peace. As one of the world’s premier platforms for creating initiatives for global progress through sport, Doha Goals provides a solid venue where to promote the Millennium development Goals (MDGs) and the use of sport to promote positive social change.Mr. Lemke is delighted with the collaboration between the UNOSDP and theDoha Goals Forum.

“There are many useful initiatives for sport development underway around the world. Through the Doha Goals Forum, world leaders in sport can come and share their experiences and ideas. These platforms allow for detailed context to be exchanged and debated. One opinion that is shared throughout the Forum is the useful role sport can play in promoting positive social values, development and peace.”

Mr. Lemke also added.

“It is the case where actions speak louder than words, and we need more partnerships like this to make a difference in communities that are in need.”

This signing of the Memorandum is just the first step in what is set to be a long and successful partnership. Both parties have many ideas that will see the cooperation deepen and look to achieve some concrete and exciting results in the future.

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