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Global Model United Nations

Global Model UN Officials

One of the objectives of the Global Model United Nations Conference is to replicate the functioning of the United Nations deliberative bodies as closely as possible.

To assist with the planning and organization of the simulation, a group of university students will be selected to serve as Secretariat officials, similar to those in the United Nations Secretariat. A second group of university students will be elected by the delegates to serve as General Assembly officials. Both sets of roles are critical to the management of the General Assembly and will, therefore, be important to the success of the simulation.

The aim is to have a geographically diverse and gender balanced group of Global Model UN officials who will take on leadership roles in the planning and management of the conference.

GMUN 2009 Officials

For a complete description of the selection process for 2011 Secretariat and General Assembly officials along with the duties and responsibilities of each position read Selection of the 2011 Global Model United Nations Secretariat and General Assembly Officials.

Call for Applications


Call for Applications for 2011 Global Model UN Conference Officials
The United Nations Department of Public Information is inviting students to apply for positions as leaders of the conference – GMUN officials -- as outlined below.
The following are eligible to apply for the Global Model UN Officials positions:
·         Students who have participated in university-level Model UN conferences and who, preferably, have experience as secretariat and general assembly officials in those conferences
·         Students who have excellent organizational skills and research and drafting skills
·         Students who are at least 18 but not older than 26 years of age at the time of the GMUN Conference and
·         Students who will have been enrolled in a university during the academic year in which the
GMUN conference takes place – 2010/2011
·         Students must be fluent in English and/or French (the working languages of the United Nations and of the Global Model UN Conference)
·         Students must have a good academic record at their university
Applicants must also have the following skills and experience:
·         The ability to communicate clearly and express thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner
·         A working knowledge of the theme of the conference
·         A working knowledge of the work of the UN Secretariat and the General Assembly
·         A fair understanding of UN documentation, General Assembly rules of procedure and the
process of drafting UN resolutions
·         Experience in working effectively in a team environment 
·         The ability to plan and implement Model UN conference activities efficiently
·         The ability to prioritize responsibilities and to meet deadlines in a timely manner
Until the electronic applications are available on the website, please do the following:
-          send in your applications to the email address: education-outreach@un.org
-          send all required documents at the same time
-          the subject line must contain: Your name, country and Application for GMUN official position.  
If we do not receive all required documents at the same time, your application will not be considered. 
Before completing the application, please read the “Guide for the Selection of GMUN Officials” for more information on each position as well as requirements you must fulfil in order to apply.
You may apply for both the GMUN officials’ positions as well as delegate; just repeat the application process for delegates when that application process begins in February as the  requirements are slightly different.
A number of senior UN Secretariat positions have been designated as leadership roles for the
planning and management of the Global Model UN Conference. 
  • Secretary-General
  • Four Under-Secretaries-General
Under-Secretary-General of General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management
Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs
Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs 
Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information
  • Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy to the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly Affairs and Conference Management
  • Secretaries to the Main Committees of the General Assembly and other UN bodies as well as for special Conferences and Summits  (4)
The group of Secretariat Officials will be geographically diverse and gender balanced. A number of officials of the General Assembly will be identified to take on leadership roles to manage the simulation of the General Assembly. Please note that candidates for these positions will be chosen from different regions to ensure that the leadership of the General Assembly is geographically diverse.
  • The President of the General Assembly (to be selected from the region where the conference is held)
  • Five (5 ) Vice-Presidents of the General Assembly
  • Members of the Bureau of four GA Committees

    Chairpersons (4); Vice-Chairpersons (4); Rapporteurs (4)
The deadline for submission of applications for GMUN officials is 31 March 2011.