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Resources for Alliance of Civilizations


I. About the Alliance of Civilizations

The links that follow will provide general information about the Alliance of Civilizations including history relating to its founding, its structure and other background information.

1. Alliance of Civilizations website  The Alliance of Civilizations works in four priority areas -- youth, media, education, and migration -- aimed at building bridges among a diversity of cultures and communities. This site offers a wealth of information on the Alliance of Civilizations’ mission, objectives, and is an excellent source of archived material including reports, statements and recommended readings.  

2. The speech that started it all: Watch a video of HE José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, President of the Government of Spain, addressing the 59th Session of the General Assembly where he calls for the creation of the Alliance of Civilizations  English     Spanish

3. Press Release  Aiming to bridge the widening gap between a lack of mutual understanding between Islamic and Western societies, Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan announced the launch of the “Alliance of Civilizations” on 14 July 2005.  

 4. Opening statement   of Jorge Sampaio, High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations at the Informal Thematic Debate on "Civilizations and the Challenge for Peace: obstacles and opportunities" (2007)

5. More Speeches & Reports from the High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations 

This link includes statements and speeches made by UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations Jorge Sampaio as well as reports submitted on behalf of the Alliance from 2007-2009.

6. Video interviews with High Level Group   The High Level Group for Alliance of Civilizations was established by the Secretary-General to assess emerging threats to international peace and security, in particular political, social and religious forces that foment extremism, to identify collective actions to address these threats, and recommend a programme of action for States, international organizations and civil society aimed at promoting harmony among societies. 


II. Alliance of Civilizations Projects

Information about the the programmes and initiatives endorsed by the Alliance of Civilizations

1. Media Literacy Clearinghouse : Repository of information, resources and good practices relevant to Media Literacy Education, Media Education Policy and Youth Media that take into consideration the new cultures emerging from the Information Society.  

2. Clearinghouse on Education about Religions and Beliefs

3. Media Fund

4. Abraham Path Initiative

5. Expanding Student Exchange Programs

6. SILATECH – A Youth Employment Opportunity

7. Plural +, a youth video festival exploring themes related to migration and diversity, in collaboration with IOM and AOC.

8. Rapid Response Media Mechanism (RRMM)

9. Youth Programming

10. Youth Solidarity Fund

11. Global Expert Finder

12. Qantara.de: Dialogue with the Islamic World Project funded by the German Foreign Office (qantara = bridge)


III. Past Alliance of Civilization Events and Forums

1. First Forum Alliance of Civilizations Annual in Madrid (15 January 2008)

2. Second Forum of Alliance of Civilizations in Istanbul (6 April 2009)

3. KSU Alliance of Civilizations Conference  

4. High Level Political Dialogue of the Group of Friends (2007-09-26)


IV. Media Archives

1. SG Press Releases

2. Press Conferences

 3. Alliance of Civilizations in the News   


V. Other Links


2. UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilisations addresses the European Parliament

3. Education and media key aspects of UN bid to bridge Islam and West (2007-06-14)