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Position Paper Guidelines


The position paper is a brief and concise description of a state's, international organisation’s or NGO's position and priorities for a given committee. The position paper allows delegations to plan their course of action before the meeting by taking into each countrie’s positions on the topics to be discussed at the conference.

Once the position paper is completed and sent to the chairpersons of the committee, it allows them to give you useful feedback for further preparation.

It is mandatory for all delegates to write a position paper.

Please pay careful attention to the following guidelines when drafting your position paper.


Each delegation should submit one position paper per committee on the topics to be discussed at the conference.

On the top left corner of each position paper, write the name of your committee and then the name of the delegation you represent (i.e., Member State, NGO, or International Organization) in bold and centred on the page.

When saving your position paper, use the following formula: Committee's abbreviation, Underscore, Delegation.

It is not necessary to put your name anywhere because you will be known throughout the conference by your delegation's name rather than your own.


Your position paper should take into consideration the SG’s report on each topic that has been assigned to your committee.

The first sentence of a position paper uses the following formula: "The issues before (your committee's name) are: (list all the issues you are discussing in your position paper)". Number the topics (in accordance with the draft agenda of your committee) and write their title in bold.


The position paper covering each topic assigned to your committee should contain the following elements:

• A general sentence in the beginning clearly stating your country's position;

• A succinct policy statement for each topic representing the relevant views of your assigned delegation (state, NGO, International Organization);

• An elaboration of your position that includes one or more of the following: quotes from the UN charter; agreements/resolutions your Member State has ratified; quotes from statements made by your Head of State, Head of Government, ministers, delegates to the UN, and any other relevant international documents;

  • References to your Member State’s past experiences with the topic – if applicable;
  • Recommendations for actions to be taken by the committee; and
  • A conclusion restating your country’s position on the topic;

Please cite any relevant statistics, quotes etc. in an accepted scholarly citation format.


Do NOT use the first person in your position paper. Instead simply use your delegation's name or alternatively expressions such as "our government", "our country", "our nation". Long essay type position papers presenting a nation's history or background information on the topic are not useful. A simple and concise overview is best.

Writing Instructions

Length: Position papers must be a MAXIMUM of ONE PAGE PER TOPIC. (Font: Calibri, Size: 11) If your committee only has one topic, you can extend the position paper to one and a half pages. 


Please EMAIL your position paper to your committee chairperson AND everyone else in your delegation as well

Language: Position papers will be accepted in both English and French. If you are submitting a position paper in French, please also submit a copy in English.

For questions concerning position papers, your committee or your topics, please contact your committee chairpersons directly.


Position Paper Awards

In the spirit of creating a cooperative and friendly environment essential for fostering constructive discussion, debate and consensus-building, the Global Model UN will not feature any best delegates’ awards. However, there will be position paper awards.
Your Position Paper will be read by the Chairperson of your committee and rated on a scale of one to ten (1 worst, 10 best), following these criteria:

Does the Position Paper follow the guidelines closely? (Including formatting, style and structure)

Is the position paper comprehensive, addressing all issues on the draft agenda?

Is the country accurately represented?

Is the paper focused on a clear position? Are there any creative ideas proposed for action?

Does the Position Paper integrate a regional/sub-regional/bloc perspective in its proposals for addressing the topics or in finding meaningful ways in which to address the key concerns of the Committee.