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Global Model United Nations

Delegate Selection Guide

The United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI) is inviting students to apply as delegates to the 2011 GMUN conference in Incheon, Republic of Korea.
Delegates can be selected:1) by being nominated by a Model UN programme in which they participated during the 2010-2011 academic year or 2) by applying as individuals provided they meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the call for GMUN delegates applications.
Model UN programmes wishing to nominate delegates to GMUN 2011 must use the Form for Model UN Programmes.
Students applying as individuals must use the Individual Application Form.

Selection Guidelines for Model UN Programmes
The deadline for nomination of delegates to the Global Model United Nations has been extended to 30 June 2011.

In order to ensure that the selection process by Model UN programmes is both fair and transparent, UNDPI recommends that student delegates should be selected according to the following guidelines:

Selection of Delegates at Model UN conferences taking place between 15 February and 30 June 2011

Option 1:
If your Model UN has an awards ceremony for the best delegates/delegations, this could also function as an opportunity to select the most outstanding delegate/s for the Global Model United Nations. Whatever procedure you have in place for choosing the best delegates, kindly ensure that the delegates nominated to attend the Global Model United Nations are chosen by their peers and not by adult advisors. If such a procedure does not exist, kindly consider putting one in place to select the delegate/s that will attend the Global Model United Nations.
Option 2:
If your Model UN does not organize an awards ceremony, please consider asking the students attending your Model UN conference to nominate delegates at the end of the conference. The members of the Secretariat of the conference may include themselves in the pool of candidates as long as all the youth participants have a chance to vote.
Selection of Delegates at Model UN conferences taking place before 15 February (but during the 2010-2011 academic year) or after 30 June 2011 (but before August 2011)

Option 1:
Select delegates from the most recent Model UN conference you have organized. If your Model UN included an awards ceremony, the delegates for the Global Model United Nations could be selected by the Secretariat from those already recognized for their outstanding performance.

Option 2:
If your most recent conference did not include an awards ceremony, the Secretariat may decide which delegates to send by majority vote.

If these are the only two options available to you, the members of the Secretariat may not include themselves in the pool of candidates.
Eligibility of students attending international Model UN conferences:
If you organize an international Model UN which includes students from countries that are outside your region they will be eligible to be chosen to attend the Global Model United Nations conference.
Gender balance
 In addition to geographical diversity of the delegates to the Global Model United Nations, UNDPI would like to ensure that there is gender balance in the selection of delegates. Nominations of two or more delegates by Model UN programmes should ensure equal representation of males and females.

Working languages

The working languages of the Global Model United Nations will be English and French. The delegates who are chosen should be fluent in English and/or French. Knowledge of another UN official language (Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Russian) would be welcomed. UNDPI is looking into the possibility of providing interpretation services in other official UN languages based on need and numbers of delegates from different regions.

Age requirements
All delegates chosen for Global Model United Nations must be at least 18 but not older than 26 years of age at the time of the conference and must be enrolled in a university during the 2010-2011 academic year.

Submission of delegates’ names
All names must be submitted using the Form for Model UN Programmes which can be downloaded from the Quick Links section on the home page. In addition to sending the number of delegates that you have nominated, please also send us names of alternates -- to be ranked in order in which they should be considered in case any of your delegates withdraw or more spaces become available if another Model UN programme is unable to participate. Every nominated delegate will have to complete an electronic application process to register for the conference. Please note that UNDPI reserves the right to limit or increase application numbers per Model UN programme to ensure gender balance and socio-economic as well as regional representation.
Each nominee must:
  1. complete the Individual Application Form;
  2. provide a color passport ID page scan of him or herself along with the application form;
  3. submit one reference letter by a teacher/professor on the respective university letterhead;
  4. submit the scanned proof of enrolment form;
  5. submit a writing sample in English or French, with footnoted citations, of no more than 5 pages with your application. For all writing samples, please indicate at the beginning of the sample for what purpose and the date (month/year) it was written.
All the above must be submitted together by the deadline – 30 June 2011.
To all Model UN Secretariats

These Guidelines must be shared with participants/delegates of the Model UN programmes that are selecting delegates for the Global Model United Nations, prior to the selection process. In cases where Model UNs have taken place (prior to February 2011) or will take place after 30 June 2011, and members of the secretariat will select the delegates by a vote, the Guidelines should be shared with all members of the Secretariat before the selection process takes place.

Should you have any questions about the selection process, please send an email to: education-outreach@un[dot]org with the subject "Guidelines for the Selection of Delegates".