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Global Model United Nations

Code of Conduct

All Global Model United Nations delegates are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct to ensure a civil and respectful work environment throughout the conference similar to that of the diplomatic corps at the United Nations. Delegates who do not follow the Code of Conduct will forfeit their privileges to debate and vote. In serious disciplinary cases, delegates may be asked to leave the conference.

Global Model United Nations delegates must treat other delegates, members of the Secretariat and UN staff with the highest level of courtesy and respect. Please notify any member of the Secretariat if a dispute arises at any time during the Conference.

Diversity is a core value of the United Nations. Discrimination based on gender, colour, nationality, age, religion or disabilities is prohibited in the activities of the Global Model United Nations conference. Please notify the Conference Secretariat if you believe any of these are being violated.

The delegates must be professional in their speech, actions and appearance during the conference and display respect for the opinions and ideas of fellow delegates.

Delegates must respect the property of the Conference venue. Delegates will be financially responsible for any damage to Conference venue that may result from their actions.

Global Model United Nations delegates are required to wear identification badges at all times to obtain access to all conference meetings and activities within the Palais des Nations. Lost badges must be immediately reported to the Conference Secretariat and cannot be replaced.

During the Global Model United Nations Conference, delegates must dress in formal attire, traditional national dress or western business attire (suit and tie for males and pant suit or knee length skirt for females). Jeans and hats are not allowed.

Delegates must study the Rules of Procedure in depth and follow its clauses throughout the Conference. Please contact the Conference Secretariat should any questions about the Rules of Procedure arise.

Global Model United Nations meetings will begin on time as scheduled. All delegates must arrive at their assigned conference rooms at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their meetings. The presence of all delegates at all committee meetings is essential for ensuring productive debate during the Conference and a successful outcome.

Delegates must be present during all official Global Model United Nations working meetings. Delegates should schedule their leisure activities during their free time.

During plenary and committee meetings, delegates are expected, at all times, to remain in character and represent the interests and policies of the countries to which they are assigned.

During plenary and committee meetings, delegates will only be permitted to bring water into the conference room. Eating, smoking, or drinking other beverages during formal meetings is prohibited.

Delegates are expected to give their full attention to the proceedings in all meetings. Passing notes during meetings could be distracting and is discouraged. Delegates should engage other delegations in discussions during breaks, informal consultations or after sessions have concluded for the day.

The use of cell phones and other electronic devices will not be permitted during Global Model United Nations plenary and committee meetings. Laptops may only be used during informal consultations and when drafting resolutions.

The UN Department of Public Information, in consultation with the Global Model United Nations Secretary General, will make all final decisions regarding disciplinary actions.

Delegates are expected to behave properly when using Internet resources in computer labs. Conference computers are to be used for research purposes only. Content restrictions and time limits will be strictly enforced, and delegates are asked to be mindful of others waiting in line. United Nations staff, the Global Model United Nations Secretariat, General Assembly Officials and Volunteers have the right to monitor computer activities.

Delegates must be adequately covered by travel and health insurance and should carry relevant documentation at all times during the conference. Delegates using medication must bring enough supplies for the duration of the conference. Please inform conference organisers in advance of any serious allergies or health problems.

The organisers of the Global Model UN Conference are not responsible for delegates’ personal possessions. Delegates are reminded to guard their belongings.